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Addition and Subtraction Fluency Resources Review by Emily Bray

Math With Purpose
Jessica Kaminski

Jessica Kaminski, from, has created many great resources. The Addition and Subtraction Fluency Resources are an excellent product. It includes over twenty-two activities to use with students. These activities include task cards, journal prompts, learning mats, worksheets, activity suggestions, flashcards, and games. These are formatted in fun colors and cute graphics to make them engaging for the young student. Also included is a user's guide with tips and an excellent monitoring sheet to help parents keep track of the student's progress. The product can be purchased through the website store for $23.99 and comes as a digital download. This could be used outside of Singapore Math, but the user would need to familiarize themselves with how the program works. There are also components of the curriculum necessary to work with the resources.

This product is designed to be used alongside a math curriculum, preferably Singapore. It is designed to boost the students' skills or help them better understand the concepts. Any learner could benefit from the Addition and Subtraction Fluency Resources, as it uses many different approaches. For example, a student who learns better with flashcards could use those, the worksheet-driven student has that option, and there are activities for a hands-on learner. These resources would work well in any school environment. There are lessons on addition and subtraction, as stated in the title, as well as counting by ones and tens, decomposing numbers, addition, and subtraction sets, how many more and fewer, and number bonds. The activities include matching number strings, a spinner game, addition and subtraction mats, and domino counting, with domino cards included. Everything is separated into levels, and each group consists of a lesson plan with prompts.

I was impressed with the Addition and Subtraction Fluency Resources. My daughter is in kindergarten, and the activities helped her become more fluent in her addition and subtraction facts. She loves dominoes, and the fact that they were included was a big draw for us. She engaged well in that activity. The number strings were a hit as well, as we made our own with beads, and she felt like it was "math crafting." I loved that the levels are already planned out, and it can be used as an open-and-go option if needed.  My favorite aspect was that all learning styles are included, so many different students can use them. The only actual con is that as it is a digital download, there is a good amount of prep involved in getting the book together, cutting out, and assembling flashcards, games, and other activities.

I would recommend Addition and Subtraction Fluency Resources. It is a well-thought-out product, and I loved that it can be used with all learning styles. Jessica designed a product that is easy to use for parents and fun to use for students. It will undoubtedly remain a great resource in our homeschool!

-Product review by Emily Bray, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, February 2021