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Page A Day Hero: Math and Language Arts Workbooks Review by Danielle Lenz

Page A Day Publishing
Page A Day Hero

Page A Day Hero Workbooks are full of fun and learning! We have just begun our "homeschool summer," and we have been enjoying using these simple, straightforward books to keep our math and grammar skills sharp. There are three different titles available: Page A Day Hero - Double Digit Addition & Subtraction Workbook (68 worksheets), Page A Day Hero - Beginner Multiplication Workbook (46 worksheets), and Page A Day Hero - English Spelling, Punctuation & Grammar Workbook (56 worksheets). Each book follows a "one page, one day, job done!" philosophy that my children have happily embraced. All three workbooks are available on Amazon for just $6.99 each. 

I was excited about these workbooks because they fit my children's math levels just perfectly. My 8-year-old daughter has worked hard this year to master her addition and subtraction skills, which I did not want to see fade over our summer break. The Addition & Subtraction workbook includes double-digit number problems, triple-digit number problems, and mixed number problems. With just one page each day, she can practice those pieces that have challenged her this year (borrowing, carrying the one, etc.). Each problem is set up so that the numbers are aligned perfectly in boxes. Some of the numbers have special shapes around them. The point is to solve all the problems on the worksheet and then use the numbers inside the special shapes to "decode" a secret message. This added element makes each math assignment extra fun! 

My 9-year-old son has been working hard on memorizing his multiplication tables. This workbook increases in difficulty from beginning to end, including both single-digit and double-digit multiplication problems. It includes times tables 1-12, which has helped refresh his memory. As his confidence in multiplication has grown, we have begun timing him on his worksheets so he can try to beat his last fastest time.

The Page A Day Hero - English Spelling, Punctuation & Grammar Workbook includes 56 days' worth of worksheets, including 245 questions that we have been doing together. This workbook was excellent for my son because we just finished our first year of a rigorous English program, and he was able to link a lot of what we had already learned to the assignments in this book. I loved flipping open the book to find a page about different parts of speech and being able to quiz my son and see how much he had retained. We had not yet learned some of the material, so we either skipped it to return to later or used it as a learning opportunity and worked through it together! 

By the time we finish up our year's curriculum (usually by early May), I am always looking for ways to keep the learning going throughout the summer- while still giving my children a bit of a break. The Page a Day Hero workbooks have been an excellent resource for us! I love the "one page, one day, job done!" philosophy and the simplicity of each worksheet. We have been able to get into an easy summer routine, knowing that each morning we complete one page in each book before heading outside to play. My children are keeping their brains busy while still getting the summer break they have longed for. I would also recommend these books for anyone who wants to bring extra learning along for road trips, vacations, visits to the grandparents, etc. These books have worked so well for my family that I hope to see Page A Day Hero come out with more levels and even more subjects so we can continue to use them as we grow. 

-Product review by Danielle Lenz, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, May 2021