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AwesomeSciTV Subscription Review by Heidi Mosher

Kyle Justice
Awesome Science Media

AwesomeSciTV from Awesome Science Media is a video-on-demand source for science media with a Biblical worldview. An AwesomeSciTV subscription offers dozens of videos on everything from astronomy to paleontology. Videos are accessible on many devices, including PCs, Macs, and iOS and Android devices. Subscription options include Single family monthly subscriptions for $9.99 a month or Single family yearly subscriptions for $99.99 a year. Subscription options are also available for churches.

An AwesomeSciTV subscription can be used to supplement homeschool science studies for all ages in several fields.  Visual learners will especially appreciate the beautiful videography a textbook cannot supply. Some videos are as brief as a minute, many are 30 to 40 minutes, and nearly all can be watched in under two hours. Videos are categorized by age groups (kids and adults) and field (biology, paleontology, anthropology, apologetics, astronomy, and zoology). Videos are also organized by series, as follows.

  • Science Foundation Labs – This series covers topics such as thermodynamics, viruses, matter, light, and other impressive labs that would be difficult to conduct at home. 

(13 videos, 8 – 22 minutes each)

  • Awesome Science – Narrated by a remarkably knowledgeable young narrator, this series explores earth science related to several national parks and explains the proof of creation in surprising detail. Includes destinations such as Zion, Glacier National Park, Yellowstone, and several others.

(12 videos, 30 – 50 minutes each)

  • The Heavens Declare – Narrated by five scientists, covers topics such as asteroids and comets, the space race, the origin of the universe, and magnetism. 

(12 videos, 30 – 50 minutes each)

  • Flood Geology – This series offers evidence for the Biblical Flood through geologic study.

(4 videos, 30 – 90 minutes each)

  • Creeping Things – Narrated by a herpetologist and his delightful young family as they search for reptiles and amphibians.

(3 videos, around 40 minutes each)

  • Dino Hunter – These videos uncover evidence of dinosaurs from a Biblical worldview.   

(3 videos, 30 to 40 minutes each)

  • Debunking Evolution – Narrated by two young people who challenge evolution from a Biblical perspective.

(12 brief videos, up to 12 minutes each)

  • The Creation Guys – Kyle Justice, Awesome Science Media founder, co-hosts these videos, which cover the great eclipse, provide evidence against the flat earth and visit Noah’s ark at the Creation Museum.

(3 videos, 40 – nearly 120 minutes each)

  • The Zoo Minute – Presented by a sweet and enthusiastic narrator, each video presents one animal, such as a camel or seahorse.

(35 one-minute videos)

  • The Aquarium Minute – Similar to The Zoo Minute, each covers an aquatic animal, like a seahorse, jellyfish, or manta ray.

(25 one-minute videos)

Even more is available, including Declare God’s Wonders, The X-Nilo Show, The Backlot Show, Genesis Apologetics, and Real Science Radio. Many videos include bonus videos. There are even bloopers! One audio series, Time Chroniclers Audio Drama, is also available. Awesome Media adds new video content periodically. In the six weeks our family has been using AwesomeSciTV, I have already received an alert about a new video.

Study Guides are available for a growing number of episodes. They are attractively designed and include summaries, vocabulary, Bible references, and review questions. Answer keys are provided at the end of each study guide.  Study guides are thorough and in-depth. Families may print the study guides or view them online. Watching the videos and completing the study guides could fulfill a semester or year of science work for late elementary or middle school students.

Currently, there are study guides available for the first six episodes of Awesome Science, all three episodes of Dino Hunter, and the first six episodes of The Heavens Declare. There is also one study guide available now for Flood Geology – Mt. St. Helens and Debunking Evolution. A note on the website mentions that subscribers will be alerted by email when new study guides are available. The website also says that Discussion Guides are coming soon.

I used AwesomeSciTV in my homeschool with my 13-year-old boy and my 10-year-old girl. We have enjoyed it and look forward to using it further. Initially, we took turns choosing videos of interest. We found many videos entertaining as well as educational. All the material bears witness to the Creator, and I greatly appreciate the generous use of Bible references. Some videos are more advanced than we expected and would work well to complement the study of a particular discipline of science. For example, I plan to assign the national parks videos in the Awesome Science series later when studying earth science or geology. Similarly, The Heavens Declare videos would align well with an astronomy year.

Our favorites so far are The Zoo Minute, Science Foundations Labs, and especially Encountering Noah’s Ark, which let us explore the ark at the Creation Museum right from our living room. Many of the videos feel like field trip experiences. The videos frequently include subtitles which we find beneficial for understanding science jargon. Much of the video content reinforces truths we had learned in our science textbooks written by Christian authors. The narrators are likable and enthusiastic. My children especially enjoy the young narrators.

I recommend an AwesomeSciTV subscription for homeschools. AwesomeSciTV is a trustworthy, enjoyable, and unique way to learn more about God’s wondrous creation and witness knowledgeable Christians pointing students to the truth.

-Product review by Heidi Mosher, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, April 2021