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Total Depravity Coffee, Irresistible Grace Coffee, Wooden Bookmarks Review by Charlotte Gochnauer

Reformed Roasters

Reformed Sage

A cup of good coffee is a very lovely thing in the morning. And Reformed Roasters has a delicious blend that I think you would be happy with. I received two 1-pound bags of whole bean coffee from their TULIP selection. TULIP is the acronym that represents the five points of the faith of the Reformation. Each bag in the TULIP selection has a different combination of flavors. I received a bag of Total Depravity and Irresistible Grace.

These came vacuum sealed. I was incredibly pleased to see that the bags were self-sealing with a zip-type seal if opened correctly. The description on the bags is unique, with some fun, dry humor relating Total Depravity and Irresistible Grace to the flavors in the coffee. At the top, it says, “Coffee That Chooses You,” which is the crux of the Reformation. There is a more detailed description of both points on each bag’s back and explains how God relates to us as sinners. There is also information for those who are not believers and a description of the hope we have in Christ. I appreciated reading both detailed descriptions and loved how they described the Christian faith.

I was also thrilled that these came as whole beans. In this house, we love our fresh coffee, and this did not disappoint. We ground our coffee using a course setting. Our favorite way to have coffee is with a French press, and doing a course ground is ideal for a press. But if you grind your own beans, you can easily grind them finer for other coffee preparation methods.

And the verdict? I was quite surprised to taste such a depth of flavor with this coffee! The Total Depravity blend was a dark roast, and the flavor was excellent. We had a few cups in the mornings with just a touch of cream, and I liked the flavors. The Irresistible Grace coffee had even more complex flavors and almost had a slight mocha flavor finish to it. This coffee I tried in the afternoon as an iced coffee, with some cream and a little sugar. It hit the spot perfectly. One of our daughters is a barista, and she was quite impressed with the depths of flavors from both blends.

Reformed Roasters is also associated with another company, Reformed Sage. They sent me three wood bookmarks. Each bookmark had a different saying on it by a different reformer. My favorite quote was one by Charles Spurgeon and said, “Visit many good books but live in the Bible.” So true! These were very sturdy but not too thick, so they laid in a book page nicely. The image of the reformer and the quotes were engraved into the wood and were of good quality. My three daughters quickly claimed them, and now they not only mark places in books but also remind them of some important truths.

Our family enjoyed both the coffee and the bookmarks. But more importantly, we enjoyed reading and being reminded about our faith and how we need Christ’s death on the cross. It is such a comfort to have not only a company that is willing to be a witness to our faith but also one that produces such good-tasting coffee.

Product Reviewed by Charlotte Gochnauer, Review Crew Business Manager, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, February 2021