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Printable English Grammar Worksheets: Easy English Grammar Lessons Review by Elna Eayrs

Print ‘N’ Practice

I have had the opportunity to review “Printable English Grammar Worksheets: Easy English Grammar Lessons” from Print ‘N’ Practice with my children. There are 1300+ printable grammar worksheets arranged in 21 files to lay a solid foundation for English grammar. This package cost $19.98. The download includes reference sheets, charts, and worksheets. Many of the worksheets work wonderfully for handwriting practice. My lifesaver was the fantastic Grammar Dictionary E-book.”

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and our unstable curriculum, we have decided to change to the US curriculum. The first hurdle as an ESL (English Second Language) family and British taught English was to adapt to American English. I have started with them at grade 3-4 Level. When I began using Print ‘N’ Practice worksheets, some gaps needed some attention. Topics I covered that helped us a lot were gerunds, appositives, diagramming, interjections, and sentence construction.

First, I printed both versions of the Grammar Dictionary E-book. One is Alphabetic order (16 pages) and the other Learning order (31 pages). The Alphabetic order is a quick reference guide,” and I’ve used it to understand a topic quickly. I printed four copies of the “Learning order.” Each of my children had different learning gaps; the Learning Order was an excellent reference to tackle a specific topic. For example, my 14-year-old, who struggled with Appositives, did not grasp the concept quickly with the other resources he used, but with Print ‘N’ Practice’s worksheets, he quickly learns how to apply it. The examples given in the grammar worksheets were easily explainable and understood along with the exercises. My 13-year-old daughter struggled with Pronouns, and using the “Learning Order” with the worksheets made it so easy to work through the topic. The children had only six weeks to prepare for their grade level placements with an umbrella school, so it was crucial for them to learn and apply it in English. I have identified the learning gaps, and we concentrate on those daily. Print ‘N’ Practice targets age groups from K-Grade 6 but in my experience, it is a great resource to fill in the gaps not grasped in these grades for middle-and-high school students.

I was impressed that my children could read and understand the worksheets. They did not always need my attention. My eighth and ninth graders never diagrammed sentences and did not understand diagramming charts. The Grammar Dictionary E-book and the Diagramming Charts came to the rescue! Within two weeks, they mastered diagramming. My fourth-grade son, who has a natural talent for languages, advanced himself in these six weeks and started his English on a fifth-grade level this year.

One of the benefits that I found using the grammar sheets was the easy language and how easy it was to teach my children and that they’ve could have taught themselves. It is a great way to improve language skills, especially when children ask questions like: “What is a gerund?” Now I can give them a confident answer. It is with great confidence that I can advise any parent to invest in this product. Print ‘N’ Practice covers not only grammar but also spelling, phonics, writing, handwriting, and mathematics. Set your mind at ease that with Print ‘N’ Practice, you can find the best product to suit your child’s educational needs.

-Product review by Elna Eayrs, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, February 2020