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Jeanette Li ~ A Girl Born Facing Outside Review by Jennifer Ladewig

Jeanette Li, translated by Rose Huston
Crown & Covenant Publications

Jeanette Li ~ A Girl Born Facing Outside is the autobiography of Jeanette Li. In China, a girl was a huge disappointment, brought sorrow to one's family, and was unfit to be present to the ancestors' spirits. Despite being a girl, Li's father called her Li Mao Ya, which means Jasmine Bud, a name of hope, joy, and new life. On the other hand, her mother called her Zhao Ya, which means noisy, unpleasant, and ugly. At the tender age of six, Li's father dies. Hardship soon overcomes the now family of three, including Li, her mother, and little sister. While ill with a high fever caused by malaria, Li was taken to a Mission Hospital where she first heard about God. This would begin her personal journey discovering God that would change the trajectory for the rest of her life. In 1949, The People's Republic of China declared all religions banned and instituted communism. Li was accused of treason, was imprisoned, and brainwashed, but this did not thwart her passion for Christ. This book is 321 pages in length and contains 63 chapters. The price of the book in paperback is $16.00. The book can also be purchased in Kindle and eBook.

The publisher does not specify an age range for this book. I would say that this book would be suited for middle school and above. This book would be an excellent read for anyone interested in missionary work, the history of religion in China during the early 1900s through the Revolution, Communist Indoctrination, or as an addition to your academic curriculum. This book would be suitable for both homeschoolers and the school setting. Adults would also really enjoy this book.

I read this book and found myself glued to the pages. It was hard to put down. Jeanette Li does a fantastic job of bringing her readers into her world. She does not leave out the difficult events of her life. She is candid and shares the raw and bitter events of her life. She shares her joys, triumphs, and, most notably, her deep relationship with God. I would recommend this book to others. Jeanette Li ~ A Girl Born Facing Outside is a book worth reading. Li wrote, "I look at my own misery, and I weep. I have doubted the love and mercy and wisdom of God. Now I lay my too heavy burden on thee. Direct my life, according to thy will." Jeanette Li then sang from Psalm 37 and was given freedom from her burden.

-Product review by Jennifer Ladewig, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, January 2021