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TouchPoints for Kids Review by Jennifer Ladewig

TouchPoint Solution
13430 N. Black Canyon Hwy Suite 250
Phoenix, Arizona 85029

TouchPoints for Kids is a set of wearable devices, worn in a set, which helps alleviate stress. In as

little as thirty seconds of wearing the devices, the wearer will feel a subtle vibration, first on the

right then on the left. TouchPoints look much like watches. The vibrations called BLAST

technology help to restore calm as well as help to take away the physical sensations associated

with stress. TouchPoint users can use the devices around their wrists as well as taking the

wristbands off and placing the TouchPoints in tank tops, sports bra straps, pockets, or socks.

TouchPoints can be used whenever the user needs to relax and destress. The bands are made of

silicone, and the buckle is metal. The set of wearable devices retails for $159.99 and comes in a

variety of colors. You can also purchase damage insurance for an extra cost.

I could not find a specific age at which TouchPoint recommended age children could first use the product. The wristband size comes in small (5.5"-6.7") and large (6-7"-8.1"). Touchpoint also

sells zippered sweatbands that can be used on the wrists or ankles. Again, as stated above, the

TouchPoints can be placed inside pockets too. A smaller child could use the TouchPoints inside pockets instead of worn on wrists.  The TouchPoint device itself, in my opinion, is quite large and so would be most suitable for an

upper elementary age or older child's wrist. The TouchPoint measures approximately 1 ¼" x 1 ¼".

The devices are suitable for and would benefit all children. Children could use them at

home or at school. The set-up was straightforward. The TouchPoints come with a dual-pronged

charging cable. Charging takes about 2-3 hours. The wristbands simply slip onto the

TouchPoints, and then you are ready to use. To use your TouchPoints, you start by powering on

only one of the devices at a time. The on button is on the top of the device. You simply press the

control button of the device twice to turn it on and activate the blue setting. Next, you face the lights of both TouchPoints together and press the button on the second device once. The second device's light will match the first device's color and vibrate in an alternating pattern.

There are three settings: blue is slow, yellow is medium, and purple is fast. You can change the

vibration mode by pressing the button on the first device again while both TouchPoints' lights

face each other. After this step, you can then put on the wristbands and place one

TouchPoint on each wrist and feel the calming vibration. Most users wear their TouchPoints for

about 20 minutes in the morning or evening or as needed throughout the day. To turn off the

devices, simply hold the TouchPoints away from each other and press the button on each device

until you see the green light. "TouchPoints' patent-pending BLAST (bi-lateral alternating

stimulation-tactile technology) is scientifically proven to alter the body's 'fight or flight'

response caused by stress." There have been case studies performed with TouchPoints in general

stress, sleep, performance, focus, irritability, and Parkinson's Disorder. There is also a

preliminary ADHD quotient study with results that show a reduction of hyperactivity with


My 12-year-old daughter tried out TouchPoints for Kids over several weeks. She deals with

some sensory issues, so I was unsure how she would feel about this product. My daughter also

deals with anxiety, an inability to focus, and stress. I am always on the look-out for products to

help her. She found the TouchPoints and wristband itself to be a bit bulky and, in her words, "not

kid-friendly at all." I was a bit disappointed that the kid's TouchPoint was not smaller and that

the wristband was not narrower. The set fit my wrist. For this reason, my daughter was unable to

wear it on her wrists. They were just too big and bulky. I was disappointed. We ended up

using them in her pockets. She was only able to use them on the blue, slow setting due to her

sensory issues. She could not handle the vibration as it was distracting to her if she felt it too

much. For my daughter, they were not as helpful as I had hoped.

On the bright side, though, I tried the TouchPoints out as well and found the devices to be very relaxing! I was able to use them on my wrists. I find the vibration to be very relaxing. I preferred the slow setting. The subtle vibration was all that I needed to feel the stress melt away. I tend to be a very anxious person and found TouchPoints to be extremely helpful. TouchPoints genuinely help to calm you down and help you think more clearly. They help shift you from your stress-induced "fight or flight" sympathetic nervous system to your more logical and peaceful parasympathetic nervous system.

I would recommend parents or individuals looking for a natural way to help alleviate stress to

check out TouchPoints. Their website is full of fantastic information on more in-depth

information on the science behind how TouchPoints work. They also list many more ways in

which the technology works for various conditions. They also have a line of products for adults.

-Product review by Jennifer Ladewig, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, January 2021