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Faucet Extender and Handle Extender Review by Tess Hamre


Created by a mom, the Faucet Extender and Handle Extender from Aqueduck gives children more independence when washing their hands or brushing their teeth.

My daughter uses a wheelchair and uses the Faucet Extender in the bathroom to make it easier for her to reach the water flow. She can now wash her hands without having to stretch her arms uncomfortably.  She can do a better job and be more comfortable because the extender allows her hands to be rinsed entirely instead of just fingertips.

The Faucet Extender reminds me of a duckbill, but my daughter says it reminds her of a shovel.  The extender's shape does not just bring the water closer to the sink edge; it adjusts the water, so the flow is wider.  The wider flow makes it easier to get hands completely wet and thoroughly rinsed.

The Faucet Extender is easy to install. Just squeeze the rubber end at the base and slide it up over the faucet.  The Aqueduck extender is intended for use with conventional bathroom faucets. I wanted to try it in my kitchen as well as in my bathroom.  My kitchen sink has a skinny tap, while my bathroom sink has a shorter, wider faucet. The extender fits both. 

The Handle Extender is not as adaptable to different faucets as the Faucet Extender.  Neither the bathroom handle nor the kitchen handle designs in my home support the Handle Extender as intended.  It does not open wide enough to work for our bathroom faucet; however, we could adapt it to our single-level handle on the kitchen sink.  We received the adult handle extender, which is gray. The one for children is yellow with a cute duck.  Aqueduck sells two versions of the children's handle extender.  The first is the single handle design, and the other is for two-handle faucets.  The gray adult extender can be used on single or two-handled faucets.

My daughter feels more independent. Using the Handle Extender and the Faucet Extender, she can help with kitchen chores such as rinsing dishes.  Using the Faucet Extender in the bathroom, she has improved her hand washing.  She no longer needs help with washing her hands.

Our bathroom sink has a single pull-up handle for the faucet.  Pull up on the handle to start the water and turn the handle to adjust the temperature.  Push down on the handle to turn off the water.  The only complaint I have about Aqueduck is the lack of an extender for this type of handle. I would love to see Aqueduck create and offer handle extenders that work on these types of handles.

Families with young children will find the extenders helpful.  Like my daughter, children with special needs may prefer the more "grown-up" looking gray extender over the yellow duck. But whether the extender is yellow or gray, these tools help young and old gain independence at the sink.  Do I recommend these?  Yes.  I loved the faucet extender enough to purchase a second to have one for the kitchen and one for the bathroom.

Product Review by Tess Hamre, Manager, Single Product Reviews, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, January 2021