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Dardashti Gaming Chair Review by Renee Knoblauch

Gaming Desk
Atlantic Inc.
10018 Santa Fe Springs Road, Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670

Whether you are playing games on your personal computer, console, or through a TV, you need a place to sit and a place to contain all your gaming gear. Dardashti Gaming Chair and a Gaming Desk from Atlantic Inc. have an excellent selection to choose from for comfort and a place for all your gaming gear.

Dardashti Gaming Chair has several colors to choose from like Cobalt Blue, Racing Yellow, Ruby Red, Midnight. We choose the Racing Yellow gaming chair. Dardashti Gaming Chair cost is $499.99.

Gaming chairs are different than your run of the mill office chairs in many ways. They are made with gaming in mind for maximum comfort and functionality. This chair has all the features you would expect with a gaming chair with the ergonomic design and the looks of a sporty racing style.

The chair has a build-in oversized dense cold-form foam headrest. The headrest is non-movable built with comfort in mind to support your neck with its curved support.

The chair is made in a bucket style format that imitates a sports car style seat. The foam support is made for maximum comfort with its lumbar cushion style. The seat is made to support good posture while sitting for long gaming sessions and using the chair for any other functions. The seat is covered in deluxe leather with an excellent stitching design to add to the look. The seat’s front edge is a waterfall form style that flows down the front of the chair.

Another feature is an adjustable cushioned armrest. The armrest adjusts up, down, pivots left and right, backward and forward, and glides left and right. The chair height can be adjusted up and down quickly and smoothly with the class 4 hydraulic gas piston.

Dardashti Gaming Chair rotates three-hundred and sixty degrees smoothly. It also rocks nicely but not making you feel like it will tip on you when you lean back in the chair. You can adjust the tension with a dial under the chair and tilt the chair back at 90º, 120º, 130º, and 155º degrees. The tilting features accommodate work, play, movie, and rest mode. You do not have to worry about the chair tilting back on its own accidentally. You must unlock the lever to tilt it.

The gaming chair’s frame is made of steel throughout the chair and a heavy-duty base to minimize tipping. The wheels are designer hollow wheels and add to the look of the chair. The wheels go over a low pile carpet and wood flooring, easily transiting between the two-floor types. The chair will support up to 350 lbs. A three-year warranty backs the chair.

The fully illustrated instructions provide clear and concise instructions to familiarize you with using and operating the chair’s functions and movement.

The Gaming Desk has many features and a sleek design to keep you organized. The price is $169.99, and it has a lot of features and gadgets for a gaming desk.

The desk has a steel rod frame construction that makes the desk sturdy. All your attachments are black wired accessories. This is a nice feature as you can see all your accessories.

The top of the desk is made of a black carbon fiber laminate top with rounded corners. There is a monitor stand that will hold a twenty-seven-inch flat panel monitor up to forty pounds.  Underneath the monitor and the main desktop is a wired basket for cable management.  The cable management basket is out of view. You could quickly put a power brick in the basket if needed. It tilts for you to put cables in and to plug in and unplug easily.

On the left side of your monitor stand, you have a slanted charging station and has a plastic formed basket formed around the shelf to keep the items from falling through the wired frame. There are three pre-cut holes for your cords in the plastic. You can easily fit your phone, tablet, and other smaller gadgets on the charging station.

On the opposite side of the desk, you have a storage place to hold nine games. Above your media storage, there is a place to hold a total of three game controllers. On both sides of your desk, you have wired speaker trays. The speaker trays should fit your average size speakers easily. Attached to the desk’s side, you have a headphone hook with a lip to keep it in place. The desk comes with a cup holder that you can attach to either side of the desk on the front leg.

There is a large storage drawer basket in the front of the desk that slides in and out. It has a plastic form to keep items from falling through the wire basket. You could easily keep batteries and cables in the drawer. The drawer is a decent size.

The desk is stable and is not wobbly. While the desk is not designed for a dual monitor system, you could choose not to assemble the monitor stand to allow for a dual monitor system. With all the accessories, you can choose not to put individual attachments to fit your needs. However, Atlantic Inc. does have a few different gaming desk styles, like a dual monitor desk from which to choose.

The desk was relatively easy to put together and took around thirty minutes. The instructions are a visual diagram showing several steps in one of many illustrations. You could build the desk with one person but having the extra hands made it go smoother. We did not have any issues with screw alignment being off.

My fifteen-year-old son is a gamer, coder, and he is drawn to just about anything technical. Having an actual gaming chair and a gaming desk was exciting for him.

Building the chair was extremely easy and took my son around fifteen minutes to assemble it with little assistance from me.

It moves smoothly and in all directions. The chair is also very sturdy and will not tip easily with the fast movement needed for some video games. It may surprise you, but it is not uncommon to tip a chair while playing video games. Gaming chairs are made with that in mind, and it is a huge safety feature in gaming chairs. We have not had any tipping or falling over since my son started using the chair. Office chairs are lightweight and can easily tip while playing games. The chair is also sturdy and does not roll around accidentally with movement. Comfort is essential, and the chair is extremely comfortable for sitting long periods

My son is on his computer a lot with academics in our homeschool. He also takes an advanced coding class that requires daily homework. He has also overseen setting up all the virtual weekly meetings for our congregation and technical support for those who need help setting things up. He does all the slides when his dad needs them for teaching online. My son also has been doing some graphic design on his drawing tablet throughout the week. He also plays video games online, consoles, and other formats.

The Dardashti Gaming Chair has more support than the old office chair he previously used. This has alleviated some of his neck and back pain. Being able to tilt the chair back and close your tired eyes is a nice feature. He likes the armrest features as they adjust quickly to fit his needs doing various activities. The only feature that he wished the chair had is an adjustable headrest and not a stationary headrest. The chair does not have a retractable footrest like many gaming chairs in this price range. It would be nice to have the option of a retractable footrest. He lets his dad use the chair when he is teaching online. My husband notices the difference with comfort, and his back feels better, sitting for hours. He also likes that he can adjust the armrest for his tall height.

I love the gaming desk as everything is finally contained in one place. It does not fit all my son’s gear, but it made him organized; he neatly put everything in his room. The size is perfect for his bedroom and does not take up a lot of space.  The desk is sturdy, and we have not had to tighten up screws like we had to do with his old desk. My son calls the desk a beast with its looks and how sturdy the desk is. He has enough space when he is doing school to spread his books and papers. He likes that he can use his drawing tablet and Chromebook on the desk without moving his monitor off the desk. For gaming, the desk fits his needs. He did not put on the third game controller as it prevented the desk from sitting up next to our wall and window frame fully. This may not be an issue you have with the attachment.

My son informed that not all gaming desk has all the accessories this one does. If you do not like a gaming desk heavy on accessories, you can easily remove the ones you do not need to make the desk fit your gaming needs.

Atlantic Inc. has several gaming desks and accessories from which to choose. Dardashti Gaming Chair is a great gaming chair that is made with gaming and quality in mind. I know that my son is extremely pleased with both products. I am thrilled that the desk and chair fit everything he does from school to gaming.

Product review by Renee Knoblauch, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, December 2020