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Science in the Atomic Age Set Review by Ta’Neisha Kemp

Berean Builders
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Science in the Atomic Age introduces junior high students to a detailed understanding of atoms, molecules, DNA, cells, tissue, organs, and so much more. Berean Builders created this laboratory-based science course with your modern middle school scientists in mind. The Science in the Atomic Age Set includes a hardcover textbook and a softcover answer key & tests book. The set retails for $69.00 and is available for purchase from various retailers online and in-store. There is also a retailer directory available on the company’s website with details on where to purchase Berean Builders products worldwide.

Science in the Atomic Age was designed to help students learn and explore how scientists discovered and shared their understanding. Each topic presented includes historical context, specific scientific advances, and detailed scientific explanations. This information is built upon as you work through the book to create a solid scientific foundation and comprehension. The lessons begin with learning the scientific method, quantum mechanical model, The Periodic Table of the Elements, atoms, molecules, DNA, and cells. From there, students learn about the appendix, microbiomes, soft tissue found in dinosaur fossils, chemical formulas of ionic compounds, covalent compounds, as well as macronutrients and micronutrients. Throughout the course, the power of God’s design in nature and creation are also thoroughly discussed. These points are included as the course ends with lessons about ecosystems, biomes, and the biosphere.

Learning is also encouraged through a variety of experiments and other hands-on activities. There are 16 chapters in the Science in the Atomic Age textbook. Each chapter is approximately 30 pages and begins with a summary introduction. The lessons, illustrated with color graphics, charts, diagrams, and pictures, include reading and comprehension questions noted by yellow boxes. There are 58 experiments in this course indicated by large blue boxes with supply lists and detailed directions. Supplies for the experiments and activities use everyday household items or items that are readily available at local drug stores, hardware stores, and grocery stores.  Every chapter ends with the answers to the comprehension questions and a chapter review. The paperback Science in the Atomic Age Answer Key & Tests book provides the final coursework for each chapter. The answers to all the chapter review questions and chapter tests are provided in this book. Copies can be made of the chapter tests so that this book can be used again by your other homeschooled children. 

We followed the suggested schedule presented at the beginning of the course textbook. Each day of the course took approximately 45 minutes of work to complete all reading, assignments, and comprehension questions. If an experiment was included in the schedule, an additional 30 minutes was added to our son’s science time. It took approximately 10-15 days to work through each chapter and test in the textbook and test book. We found the material to be challenging yet intriguing for our 12-year-old son. He enjoyed learning about the history of various scientists and their discoveries. I added narration as part of his daily assignments, and it was delightful hearing him so excited about discussing his work. He also appreciated how the lessons continued to build on each other as he learned how scientific discoveries could work together and relate to one another in populations and communities. Emphasis about how scientific discoveries appeared to defy common sense but were confirmed by experiments was also noted. Mistakes made by well-known scientists during investigations was also included as a powerful tool! From mistakes, we have learned how to interpret information, discuss, and make necessary adjustments.

I have seen tremendous improvement in my son’s behavior toward science class.  Learning with the Science in the Atomic Age Set has encouraged him to research a few scientists mentioned in the book during our weekly trip to the local library. He has been able to navigate the daily coursework, assignments, and experiments independently with minimal supervision. All supplies for the experiments have been easy to find and gather the night before that lesson. This Berean Builders set created engaging learning opportunities for exciting scientific discoveries in our homeschool.

-Product review by Ta’Neisha Kemp, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, December 2020