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The Book of Psalms for Worship Review by Jenny Underwood

Crown & Covenant Publications

I received the Book of Psalms for Worship songbook by Crown & Covenant this Fall.  It is a lovely large, hardback book that is packed full of the Psalms converted into songs!  Crown & Covenant is a company that provides Biblical resources from a Reformed theological background.

We were blessed to use this book in our homeschool!  Each morning I would pick a song or songs, and since they have an online site that performs the songs, we were able to listen to them and enjoy them as part of our morning family devotion/worship time. I used this with our nine-, seven-, four- and two-year-old children.

There are around three hundred songs provided in this excellent songbook.  Each piece notes the Psalm used to write it and gives a scripture from the New Testament that exemplifies the son’s message.

At the beginning of the book, there is a thorough description of the songs and Psalms, including the historical meaning and how they were composed.  It would be effortless to use this book as a basis for a rather in-depth Biblical and musical study.  These are also written so they can be played on the piano, making them an excellent choice for families and churches.

The songs are reverent, beautiful, and invoke a feeling of adoration and worship.  I especially enjoyed listening to them, and it brought such a peaceful feeling.  

There are multiple indexes in the back, including one by composers, an index of tunes alphabetically and metrically, an index of first lines and phrases alphabetically, and an index of Psalm usage in the New Testament.  

In my opinion, this is an excellent songbook for the whole family. It will teach the Word of God in a lovely, melodic way that can be used and understood by any age group!

-Product review by Jenny Underwood, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, December 2020