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FootFidget® Portable Review by Jennifer Ladewig

830 W. Ill. Rte. 22, Suite 329
Fox River Grove, IL 60047

The FootFidget® Portable is a metal, free-standing, lightweight footrest that can be used while both sitting and standing to help improve productivity and learning. The stand has three height adjustable notches in which to fit the two elastic, crisscrossing bands. For maximum comfort, a foam footrest fits in the middle of the elastic bands. FootFidget® includes four non-skid pads for the underside of the unit to keep the FootFidget® Portable in place and to keep it from scratching the floor. All tools and instructions are included for assembly. Assembly was quick and easy. The FootFidget® has two additional Resistance Bands available for purchase; blue: light resistance (hand or arm exercises) and yellow: heavier resistance (larger users or balance). The product retails for $59.99.

The FootFidget® Portable is intended for older students and adults. This product is not recommended for younger students or students with behavioral concerns, as it is not attached to the desk. This product would be ideal for both home, office, and school use as it provides an ergonomic placement in the middle of one’s desk space. While in the seated position the FootFidget® Portable helps the individual improve “focus, attention, memory, creativity, productivity, increased metabolism to burn calories and increase circulation, increased energy, and alertness, positioning.” This product helps provide improved posture. For adults that deal with back pain, “the ergonomic positioning can help decrease lower back strain through core activation and increase circulation in the large muscle groups of your legs and core.” For fidgety students or those with sensory issues, the FootFidget® helps provide a proper amount of resistance to get the wiggles out. An added benefit is that those around will not be disturbed! The FootFidget® is quiet. For those that prefer to stand, you get many of the same benefits as those seen with sitting. For both sitting and standing, those that used the FootFidget® burned on average 30% more calories than those that simply just sat or stood alone.

Students or parents can use FootFidget® during their daily exercises. The company includes a sheet with pictures explaining how to use the FootFidget® to help build your upper and lower body core muscles in the box. The sheet cautions that users should consult their health care provider before starting any new exercise or activity. Also, this product should not be used following a Total Hip replacement. As a parental warning, the FootFidget® is NOT intended to support a user’s full weight by standing or bouncing on it with both feet or hands.

My daughter tends to have difficulty focusing, concentrating, and retaining while she does her schoolwork. She has dealt with sensory issues most of her life. She is most definitely a “fidgety” child. When she was younger, her Occupational Therapist had us use a stretching band system attached to her chair while doing schoolwork. I cannot count the number of bands that she broke or simply wore out. The FootFidget® Portable has taken a beating from her feet and legs, and it is no worse for the wear. I would recommend the FootFidget® Portable to parents with fidgety children or for individuals that deal with back pain. The product is built to last and is easy to transport.

-Product review by Jennifer Ladewig, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, December 2020