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ABC’s of Movement Box Set and Music CD Review by Crystal Wright

ABC’s of Movement
Laurie Gombash

The ABC’s of Movement Box Set includes activity cards, an instructional DVD, and a music CD. The set teaches language and cognitive skills to young children through kinesthetic learning. Activities, music, and body movement are all the different ways this product engages children while learning the alphabet and having fun!

There are 26 alphabet letter cards. The front of each card has an upper- and lower-case letter and a picture of a child performing a movement associated with that particular letter. For example, the letter T has the movement of ‘tiptoe’ and a picture of a child performing that action. Each card’s back has directions on how to sound out and form the letter in the air with your finger. There is also a rhyming and literation sentence to help reinforce each letter. For example, the letter T uses a rhyme with the sentence, “Time to tiptoe and don’t be slow to tie a bow.” In addition to the sentences, there is also an activity listed for each letter. For the letter T, the activity is to put hands on hips, lift heels, and then walk forward on the tiptoes. One of the goals in using movement with learning the alphabet is body awareness. Teaching all the letters this way helps little ones discover where and what the arms, hands, legs, feet, hips, etc. all are. The body parts that the children learn and become aware of help immensely with gross motor skill development.

The ABC’s of Movement music CD includes 27 different tracks, and each track represents one of the alphabet letters. Jon Torrence composed the music. He chooses either the rhyming or literation sentence from each activity card and turns it into a short song for each track. No two songs sound exactly the same. Cultural music influences from around the world are used in the music. Songs for each letter range from folk, mellow rock, alternative, jazz waltz, and country. It is a genuinely creative and stimulating style of melodies that are short yet still focused on literacy.

The tutorial DVD is by the creator of The ABC’s of Movement, Laurie Gombash. The video discusses the benefits of movement in learning and why it’s crucial to early learners. She demonstrates how to use the activity cards in various settings and explains the fun and usefulness of pairing the cards with music.

I was delighted with the way this set motivated my preschool-aged daughters to learn the alphabet. It was a perfect way to combine play with learning. ABC’s of Movement is an excellent teaching tool; it had my girls listening, laughing, and singing. They developed gross motor skills right along with learning their letters. I was satisfied with the activity cards and music, and I would recommend it to parents of toddlers or preschool children.

Product review by Crystal Wright, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, December 2020