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Eni Puzzles Review by Emily Hamre

2338 Broadway 2F
Astoria, NY 11106

Eni Puzzles Mini Puzzles are small handheld puzzles that work by manipulating rings on an 8-row x 8-row cylinder by using the empty space in the row. They are intended for ages eight and up. Eni Puzzles offers different variations of this puzzle such as a braille version for the visually impaired as well as smaller 4 x 4 keychain puzzles. They are usable straight out of the box, no batteries or assembly needed! Additionally, these puzzles have no set solution, which helps foster creativity. For those who unsure how to start, the puzzles do come with suggested solutions. The mini puzzles are priced at $20 each, excluding tax.

We received two puzzles, one with eight colors and one with eight colors and numbers on the rows. I found the one with colors and numbers to be more challenging. I enjoyed making up my own solutions the most, but I did appreciate the suggestions since the sheer amount of possibilities was a little overwhelming at first. Also, the puzzle works incredibly well as a basic “fidget” toy. One would simply scroll the rings around to relieve stress without trying to create a solution. The puzzles are small, about 4 inches tall. This makes them great for on the go. I found that car rides were an excellent opportunity for puzzle time.

One of the things I appreciated most about these puzzles is their versatility. In addition to boosting creativity, your child will engage in spatial reasoning, an important skill to develop. Younger children will especially benefit from the concentration aspect. Older children, such as teenagers, will benefit more from having a creative outlet that also boosts their logic skills.

For solo play, I do agree that eight and up is best. However, a younger child could still enjoy this puzzle with adult supervision. Overall, I highly recommend this for everyone, especially families that enjoy creativity, logic, or both.

 Product review by Emily Hamre, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, November 2020