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FAMTIMEbox: The Fruit of the Spirit; FAMTIMEbox: Adventuring with Paul Review by Amanda Hopkins

Family Time Training
(303) 433-7010
PO Box 470
Littleton, CO 80160

My children love to learn; they love learning by hands-on as much as they can. The FAMTIMEbox: The Fruit of the Spirit and FAMTIMEbox: Adventuring with Paul from Family Time Training made that happen during our family bible time.

Both boxes come with all the supplies you need to get hands-on with fun activities during your bible time. That means that I did not have to go out searching for a box cutter, a globe, or even seeds and soil. Besides water, all things were there for us to have fun every week.

To use these boxes, Family Time Training recommends sitting down as a family once a week and work through the activity. Each box comes with a Family Time Training Resource, which is like a leader’s guide or teacher’s guide. This will have each activity that you will be working through laid out for you.

Both Family Time Training Resource books are similar to each other. They start with the big idea or teaching goal followed by the key scripture for the activity. Next, they list the needed materials for the activity. The materials are in the box. They even have words in bold that the teacher/leader can use to read for the activity. We end with a memory verse for the week and a prayer.

We started with The Fruit of the Spirit box. There are 12 activities in this box as we learn about all the different fruits of the spirit. Things as simple as growing your own plant reminds the children that we need to keep reading the bible to keep growing in our faith, and we were able to share kind words by making a balloon launch to send those words to each other.

The children enjoyed refreshing their minds of the fruits of the spirit with the fun activities that we were able to do together as a family.

As we adventured with Paul in our other box, we had four activities to do, lasting a month by doing one activity a week. Through these activities, we learn to shine like stars in a dark world, demonstrate the Fruit of the Spirit in our lives, talk respectfully to others, and follow God’s word when we are tempted to make bad choices.

Once again in this box, we learn these lessons with fun hands-on activities. My children take in so much more and retain so much more by getting their hands in and having fun with their lessons. The last lesson stood out to them where we learned about bad choices and why we should always make good choices to stay close to God.

My children call the FAMTIMEbox sets their Vacation Bible School in a box for at home. These sets are a fun way to bring the family together and dig deeper into your faith with fun activities. If your children like to get hands-on with their learning. I would highly recommend these fun boxes for a family bible study.

-Product review by Amanda Hopkins, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, November 2020