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Organic Microgreens Growing Kits Review by Cristina Grau

Back to the Roots, Inc.
100 Webster Street Suite 200
Oakland, CA 94607

My oldest daughter has a green thumb. Like one famous book character, she just wants a bit of earth to get her day moving and feed her soul. Living in the suburbs seriously limits how much space we can access, so when we come across resources that nourish her passion and benefit our family, we jump at the chance to explore. Organic Microgreens Growing Kits from Back to the Roots, Inc. are the perfect solution.

Organic Microgreens Growing Kits are packaged seed kits which come complete with everything you need to get started, are guaranteed to grow, and are compact to fit right on your kitchen counter. Microgreens are exceedingly small, young, and tender edible leaves with up to forty times the vitamins and minerals of mature plants. We tried "Might Mix"; a combination of broccoli, kale, kohlrabi, and cabbage microgreens; "Broccoli", filled with organic broccoli microgreens; and "Rainbow Mix, a combination of manga radish, purple kohlrabi, and red cabbage. Each kit comes with two grow trays, two seed packets, two soil discs, and a growing guide. The only thing you need to add is water. Back to the Roots offers a variety of three-packs, with six grows, for $39.99, and a bulk saver six-pack, with twelve, grows, for $69.99.

Using Organic Microgreens Growing Kits was simple and easy. Carefully removing the items from their packaging, we began by expanding the soil and planting the seeds. To expand the soil, we placed the organic disc inside a growing tray and added one-third a cup of water on top. The process was quick, taking approximately one minute to complete. We then opened the seed packet and sprinkled them atop the soil. We added a few more tablespoons of water to cover the seeds to help them germinate. Lastly, we covered our tray with the included germination lid. The instructions stated to leave the tray alone for forty-eight hours. Days three through six, we followed the instructions on the germination lid, uncovering, and watering as indicated. For added fun, we could text a code from our cell phone to get fun reminders along our growing journey. On day seven our microgreens were ready to harvest.

Organic Microgreens Growing Kits are simple, quick, and fun to use. The kit complete, with easy-to-follow instructions. Watching the soil expand was a highlight of the experience, along with the excitement of seeing the greens begin to sprout. The seven-day process was a great learning experience and the end product tasty to enjoy on burgers or sandwiches. We could even mix them into a salad. It made a terrific addition to our learning adventure.

We enjoyed everything about the growing kits, except the fact that we used the greens so quickly. Our family of six easily finished these compact trays in one sitting. Considering the kits are not reusable, if we wanted to make this a routine, we would need to invest in something with more longevity.

Organic Microgreens Growing Kits were fun to explore. If you are looking to try your hand at gardening or have limited space, we would recommend you try them.

- Product reviews by Cristina Grau, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, October 2020