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English Phonics Stories: Beginning to Mastery Level: in Print or downloadable PDF Review by Jenny Underwood

Nancy D. Nelson
Training for Life Publications

I received the book called English Phonics Stories: Mastery Level for review. It also had a workbook and a memory stick with the stories on pdf files. The book is a thick 306 pages.

"This book is designed to help your child master all the words in over 100 spelling patterns with short character-building narratives, poems, and songs."

This book can be used with anyone and is not a "phonics" program. Instead, it teaches reading, spelling, vocabulary, and pronunciation with the stories. My son got so tickled at the stories because they are funny. He asked me to read more of them to him just because he liked them. 

An example is words that have -ANGE. "Ranger Granger is no stranger to danger. In his early days as a park ranger..." Each page then tells its corresponding workbook page. There your child would fill in the blanks of the passage with the correctly spelled word from the word bank below. There are also word searches throughout the workbook.

The workbook and manul both include Level One and Level Two. For example, in Level One of -OR of Actor the passage reads "I have brothers who are triplets. One of them wants to be a jailor, another wants to be a tailor, and the third one wants to be a sailor."  Level Two says "My neighbor, Trevor Taylor, had a history of living in a stupor because of liquor."

This book and workbook are fantastic to use to help any student become a better speller and reader! The word lists and stories can be started as soon as the child knows the alphabet and the sounds of the consonants. These can be used with students through high school! I have been using this about 4 times a week with my nine-year-old son and can tell a huge improvement in his reading. We have also been using the word lists for spelling practice.

The included flash drive has this book and workbook on pdf files along with the Christian stories and workbook. This would be perfect for families with multiple children because it can be reused over and over. The hardcopy textbook can also be reused indefinitely. Another notable feature is this can be used with multiple children at once because it is super easy to adjust the hardness level.

Nancy also has a Christian version. The Christian Phonics Stories all have a good moral or Christian basis so not only is the child learning phonics, spelling, etc. but also character building! This is great for families who enjoy multitasking in their schoolwork because it is easy to combine several subjects at once. You can read more about the differences between the two versions at

We are enjoying using these books to further help my son's reading and spelling skills! I highly recommend this company!

- Product review by Jenny Underwood, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, October 2020