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Geography Unit for 3rd-6th Grades Review by Jennifer Ladewig

Nancy Mikhail

Geography Unit for 3rd-6th Grades is a unit study that consists of 54 lessons built into a 5-month program. The lessons are planned around a 3 day a week schedule. Students will spend approximately 15-20 minutes a session. Of course, this is just a suggested schedule. In addition to the unit material, additional resources and activities are included at the end of the study. The unit is set up so that students learn the states and capitals of the United States by breaking it up into four regions. The first goal of the study is for the students to master the states and capitals and they then learn the locations of the states. Students will also learn where continents are in relation to the United States. Lastly, your student will have a thorough understanding of their world. What does that exactly mean. They will identify the planet they live on, then the continent that they live in, then the country that they live in, next the state that they live in, then the city or town, next the street they live on, finally their home address. The cost of Geography Unit for 3rd-6th Grades is $45.00.

Geography Unit for 3rd-6th Grades is intended for 3rd through 6th graders. I think that this unit study was intended for homeschoolers because in the instructions it states, “This could be altered to better suit your family’s lifestyle and schedules.” But while reading within the unit it talks about having the students work together so I think that this would most definitely be perfect for the school setting as well. This unit study could be adjusted to be used for all types of learners. I used this unit study with my 12-year-old, and she was able to do the unit on her own. The study starts with a pre-test which is a blank map of the United States. Students are to write in as many states and their capitals as they can. This is just to see what your child knows. There is a YouTube link for a FUN song to help the student learn their states and capitals. It is called, Wakko’s State Capitals Song Lyrics. In Region, students learn the following states and capitals:

  1. Sacramento, California
  2. Carson City, Nevada
  3. Juneau, Alaska
  4. Honolulu, Hawaii
  5. Olympia, Washington
  6. Salem, Oregon
  7. Boise, Idaho
  8. Salt Lake City, Utah
  9. Santa Fe, New Mexico
  10. Phoenix, Arizona

So, what is a typical lesson like? Lessons vary in that students are doing different tasks and not the same repetitive lists of things each day. For example, on Day 7: Lesson 7 students color in Region 1 on a map that they have filled out with states and capitals. It is up to the students as to what color they want to use. The second task is to play the Matching Card Game that is at the end of the unit study in the Resource Section. On Day 24: Lesson 24 students will use flashcards to practice states and capitals. Next, they will read a book on a state. There are recommendations in Appendix 3. Last, students will do a Practice Test on Regions 1-3: Write States and Capitals. There are quite a few online links for games and study helps that are included throughout the unit lessons. Also, included in the unit are interactive activities. At the end of the unit study, students create their own State Float Report which is a moving piece of art that has information about the state that they live in. They start with a shoebox, wrap it, then add symbols, figures, the state flower, bird, animal, etc. anything that represents their state. This is where your student’s creativity and research about their state come in. Your student can even go as far as to add wheels to their float!

In the Resource Section some of the things that you will find are:

  • A blank United States Map
  • A Colorful United States Map with State and Capitals added
  • Supplemental Books to read
  • 50 State cut-outs
  • States and Capitals matching
  • Crossword puzzle
  • Bingo
  • Geography (Continent, Country, State, City)
  • The Place Where I Live…
  • Game: My World War!
  • Greater Than, Less Than
  • Me on The Map Book
  • The World Where I Live…
  • Geography Unit Calendar

I thought that this unit study was well put together and easy for the student to follow and learn. The wide variety of activities and the way that the material was presented enables students to successfully learn the subject matter. I would highly recommend Geography Unit for 3rd-6th Grades to educators and parents that homeschool.

-Product review by Jennifer Ladewig, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, September 2020