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One-on-One 101, The Art of Inspired and Effective Individualized Instruction Review by Lyla Morcom

Robert Ahdoot
Yay Math

One-on-One 101 is a book geared towards all educators that wish to gain a better working relationship with their students. To get the most from the book, the reader needs a comfortable chair, the book, and some quiet time to understand how to work with students. The book can be purchased on Amazon for $13.07 as a paperback or on the Kindle for $8.49.

This book can be useful for any age group, from preschoolers up to adult learners. While it is not specifically geared towards homeschoolers, nor is it modified for them, the lessons from the book can be used in any learning environment. I believe this can be used for all types of learners as it focuses on gaining a deeper educator/learner relationship and how to work better with our students or children.

I found the lessons in this book to be valuable, especially to a newer homeschool family that may just be coming from the public school mindset and unsure of how to work with their child. One of my children is autistic and I feel as though many things in this book will be beneficial in educating her. Giving the student control is so hard when we want to take over and direct learning, but it does seem to be helping her not to get so frustrated with learning, especially with memorizing things. Comprehension is also another area of struggle for us, which the book gave me a bit of insight into that we have been applying. Sometimes this One-on-One method slows us down, but over time, I believe the methods will help my daughter in our learning journey and eventually in life as she moves towards independence.

Although this book is full of beneficial information, it is a bit difficult to read at times. It is not fast-paced or exciting. I found it hard to get started reading because I did not find the beginning interesting. After a few chapters, as the information gets deeper, it is better, but often I found myself wanting to quit reading because I found the writing style uninteresting.

Overall, I did enjoy the information presented in the book. I found it valuable. For those who struggle to work well with their children, or if the children seem to not be understanding the teaching methods, this may give some insight.

-Product review by Lyla Morcom, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, September 2020.