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George Takes a Trip books Review by Amanda Hopkins

Big Books by George

We love using books to help us with our homeschool lessons. When we can find a book that relates to what we are learning about, we grab it, especially if it is a high-quality book that will teach us something. The Big Books by George are books that we have enjoyed reading. We received four of the George Takes a Road Trip, specifically to China, Egypt, Mexico, and Italy (each $6.95).

We got the big books for this review, but as I was playing on their website, I found that they have smaller books for homeschoolers with the same quality. The big books, well, they are big! They were created for the fun story times at the library or school. My children loved having these in the house just to lay on the floor and look at the pictures.

Each of these four books starts with a question to get your children thinking. This was a fun way to introduce the book to the children. The question is simple, but it makes your children think and helps you to make them excited about the book.

These books are interactive. As they talk about the landmarks, food, history, and so much more, they also ask questions for the children to answer. I would consider these written to an early to middle elementary age student. The wording is simple, but the takeaway is heavy. The things my children remember from these books are incredible, and I believe it is because the books are written just for them.

We have been doing unit studies in our homeschool, so it was fun to have a book that goes with our topic. Our bible studies have started in Egypt, so grabbing the George Takes a Road Trip to Egypt was fun. Not only did the children get an overview of the country, but they also learned about the pyramids, the sphinx, hieroglyphics, and the Rosetta Stone. The book ended with a glossary of new terms (this is in all the books) along with a final question for the children relating to the first question of the book.

These books were a terrific way to introduce new countries to our unit studies. The text, written for younger elementary students, has easy to understand words and simple sentences full of information. This allowed even our youngest in the house to get an idea of what we were learning about.

The children loved seeing the big pictures and gathering the information from the stories. They loved that we were able to start our unit studies out with these books. We would travel with George all the time if we could! I love that there are many books written by this company because I can see us using these for many more adventures ahead!

If your children love books with beautiful pictures and full of information, these books are just what you need. Your children will fun traveling with George and learning more about the different countries around the world!

-Product review by Amanda Hopkins, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, September 2020