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The Acts Board Game Review by Cristina Grau

Peter Schultz
Cobblestone Games

Who doesn't love a good board game? Better yet, one which provides fun, hands-on application of Biblical concepts. The Acts Board Game by Cobblestone Games is sure to offer hours of fun and increase your family's understanding of the importance of spreading the Gospel of Christ.

The Acts Board Game is a physical board game for two to four players, suggested for ages fourteen and up. The Acts centers on the Biblical period immediately following the ascension of Christ, where the gift of the Holy Spirit has been given to Jesus' followers and the great commission to spread the Gospel message appointed. In The Acts, players take on the role of Jesus' disciples. Through various actions, disciples travel through all Judea and beyond to make disciples of all nations. While The Acts is true to Biblical teaching, no prior Biblical knowledge is needed for playing.

The Acts Board Game comes complete with a sturdy game board featuring an accurate map of early disciples' first missionary journeys, thirty-six disciples, twenty-four churches, twenty-four miracle cards, four scoring tokens, thirteen light discs, sixteen dark discs, forty prayer points, and one rule book. The Acts Board Game is priced at $44.95 with two expansion packs currently available for $4.95 each. The Acts Board Game would be the perfect addition to any game night or as a hands-on application during homeschool Bible time.

Players will find playing straightforward. During each round of the game, players take turns moving disciples across the game board with the express purpose of making disciples. During each player's turn, the player may choose one of the following actions: Preach, adding believers; Pray, gaining prayer points or expending prayer points to gain spiritual gifts; Church, planting; Disciple, use prayer points to make disciples; Write, adding believers and gaining prayer points; Miracle, expend prayer points to perform miracles; or Travel, moving your disciples to a new region on the map. Each round ends when all players present have taken a turn. At the end of each round, all disciples who remain in Judea are returned to their starting positions and another round begins. All disciples who have reached other portions of the map remain in their positions. Players earn points to move their scoring token around the edge of the board by adding believers; each believer added moves the scoring token forward one space. The object of the game is to be the player who adds the most believers before reaching the intended target for that game; with this goal changing depending on the number of players participating. Gameplay takes sixty to seventy-five minutes to complete.

The Acts Board Game is genuinely unique. The game is straightforward, yet players will find the concepts learned throughout the game meaningful. While disciples initially travel throughout the map and begin by planting churches, players quickly discover that prayer is an essential asset and spiritual gifts enhance the disciples' abilities. The game itself is quick-moving, fun, and easy to follow. The board game is sturdy, with all playing pieces crafted from wood. Prayer tokens are lavender crystals. The overall package is a beautiful product with much to gain from its use. While recommended for players aged fourteen and up, middle school children may fully enjoy this game as well.

The Acts Board Game could be a tremendous enhancement for sharing the Biblical teaching of spreading the gospel. Families with younger children might find it a challenge to include them in the game, however, if played as teams they could be easily included.

The Acts Board Game by Cobblestone Games is a fantastic resource, offering hours of fun and a faithful, hands-on approach to teaching the Biblical concept of spreading the gospel of Christ.

- Product reviews by Cristina Grau, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, September 2020