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Frog's Rainy-Day Story and Other Fables Review by Amanda Hopkins

Michael Dowling
Carpenter’s Son Publishing

Frog’s Rainy-Day Story and Other Fables ($18.95) is a hardcover book with nine stories. These stories share the pages with full-color illustrations on 72 pages. With this book, I also received two study guides called Burrowing Deeper, one for children and one for adults and teens. These are free to download from the website.

While not a curriculum, it makes a fantastic addition to read aloud time. Each of these stories packs a punch. It gives things to think about and things to discuss. This is a wonderful way to start the homeschool day or end it.

We used this as an end to the day. We would read the story and follow up with the questions. I used this with my 5, 9, and 12-year-old children, so I focused on using the study guide for children. However, I used the study guide for adults and teens as a reflection for myself.

Each story is more than a story. We see fun characters who must deal with an issue. Each story finishes with a section of Wisdom of the World and Wisdom of the Word. Along with those, the study guides ask questions that relate the story to the bible. This allowed us to relate everyday situations with what the bible teaches us about dealing with them.

Each story was short and easy to read. It did not take more than 5-10 minutes to read. The discussions took a little longer. My children love to discuss and the questions in the study guide were perfect to start those discussions.

My children loved this book. They loved the stories. They were short, simple, but full of learning opportunities. As I read these stories to my children, I could not help but see that they take everyday things, things that are happening right now, and make them a child’s story. They make things easy for the children to understand.

I loved the beautiful pictures and the stories that had such a great message. I have plans to use this at church when I help with Sunday School classes and have more great discussions with a larger group of children. I love how my children loved the stories and ask if we can re-read them and would love to bring this to other children.

This is a book that I love having in our house and one that I feel would be great for any house!

-Product review by Amanda Hopkins, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, September 2020