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Preschool Watch - School Watch - Preschool Clock Review by Jenny Underwood

Preschool Collection
1820 1st St N
St Petersburg, Florida, 33704

I received the Preschool Collection Wall clock and two silicon school watches for review. As the name implies, the Preschool Collection specifically made these with preschoolers in mind.

The wall clock is a large twelve-inch round clock that is extremely durable and well made. Instead of numbers, it has pictures of different animals for each hour of the day: rabbit 12, pig 1, cow 2, dog 3, cat 4, horse 5, frog 6, bird 7, bear 8, mouse 9, monkey 10, and elephant 11.  Bright Colors divide each hour.  My children love this clock! We hung it on our main homeschool room. The company also provided forty-six attachable decals with numbers and different daily activities such as eating, sleeping, sports ECT... These make it easy for the kids to see at a glance what it is time for in our day without me having to tell them. The wall clock runs on batteries and has a sturdy battery cover.

With the wall clock, we also got a vinyl play clock with movable hands. We were able to use this in our homeschool with both the younger ones and my older son. This is super helpful as we are teaching time-telling.

We were also blessed with two silicon preschool watches a spider watch and a truck watch. Both watches are extremely cute and extremely durable. My six-year-old boy wore the spider watch and my three-year-old daughter wore the other watch. Neither of my children is gentle on things like that but these still look brand new. They are extremely well made and completely comfortable for my children. My son is extremely sensitive to things that pinch or irritate, and these watches do not cause any problems at all for him! My nineteen-month-old daughter got a hold of one of them and chewed on it but because of the material they are made with I could not even see a mark. This is a HUGE plus with small children!

The Spider watch is red with blue spider webs and spiders. It has hour numbers and minute numbers and a tiny star that marks the passing seconds. The Trucks watch is blue with yellow accents. It features several big trucks such as a concrete mixer truck and other construction vehicles. It has animal pictures instead of numbers so its suitable for the young ones. My children love these and wear them frequently. I feel like these will last an exceptionally long time based on how well they have held up in the last two months.

These would make perfect gifts for any young children in your life. They would be especially helpful to any homeschoolers as they teach young ones to tell time! Each watch is $24.95, and the clock is $29.95. All products seem built to last trouble-free for years making them an excellent investment.

-Product review by Jenny Underwood, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, September 2020