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Summer Book 1 For Students Entering First Grade Review by Ta’Neisha Kemp

Angela M. Ankers, M.Ed.
Jodi Yarusinsky
Summerbook Company
Hartsville, SC 29550

Finding new ways to incorporate learning within the annual Summer break has just been made easier! By working through just one page a day, Summer Book 1 For Students Entering First Grade uses quick activities to review math and language arts concepts covered during Kindergarten. Angela M. Ankers, M.Ed. and Jodi Yarusinsky created this workbook in conjunction with the Summerbook Company. This book is available in English and Spanish via the company website for $13.95.

Summer Book 1 provides one worksheet daily, Monday through Friday with review questions of Kindergarten math and language arts skills. The top half of every page reviews math concepts like addition, subtraction, counting, skip counting, recognizing shapes, and completing patterns. The exercises on the bottom half of each page cover phonics, upper and lowercase letters and sounds, vowels, rhyming words, short and long vowel words, critical thinking, and reading comprehension. This book supplies 50 daily pages so your child can review topics for 10 weeks. The answer key is found at the back of the book and can be easily removed since the pages are perforated. An I Spy game is also included for added fun as they locate the special item noted on the top, right corner of each page. Then, they search for the item within the collage found on either the front or the back cover of the workbook.

We received Summer Book 1 and let our son use it as he transitioned to First Grade. He was able to work through each page alone with minimal help from me. He completed the front and back of one worksheet daily, Monday through Friday. Working through each page took him approximately five to ten minutes each morning after breakfast. He liked that the activities did not take much time to complete and that the pictures were in color. My favorite part of this workbook was the clearly labeled days at the top of each page, colorful graphics, and the variety of problems provided.

Overall, this workbook is a good solution for families that want to add a bit of education to their Summer routine. I recommend The Summer Book 1 to families with students entering First Grade. This will be a great aid for families that want to provide brief review opportunities, so their child retains information over the Summer break.

-Product review by Ta'Neisha Kemp, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, September 2020