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Mimosa Review by Lisa Tanner

Amy Carmichael
CLC Publications
PO Box 1449
Fort Washington, PA 19034

If you are looking for a book to read that will help strengthen your faith, Mimosa is a wonderful choice. It recounts a series of events that intertwine the lives of Mimosa, a Hindu girl, and Amy Carmichael, a missionary to India.

This $11.99 book is 147 pages. There is a forward by the author, explaining that the story is true. At the end, you will also find an afterword by the author, tying together some loose ends.

The book begins with Mimosa as a young child. She is accompanying her father to the missionary school, so her older sister, Star, can receive a better education. In her brief time at the school, she learns of God and His love for her. Then, she is taken back home and is expected to act as a Hindu. She cannot, as she knows the truth of God’s love.

Though her knowledge of God is small, she trusts Him throughout her whole life. She endures persecution from her neighbors, the loss of one of her children, and a very bleak financial reality. Through it all, she continues to trust that God will sustain her.

In this story, readers become familiar with many Hindu traditions. There are details about the gods they serve and the rituals they participate in. Sickness is often a reality in Mimosa’s family, and there are brief portions that describe the superstitious nature of the Hindu religion, and what others in her community believe Mimosa should do.

Mimosa’s life is extremely hard, and she is often rejected by the people around her. However, through it all, she clings to the knowledge that God loves her. His grace is sufficient and carries her through the difficulties of life.

If you have young or sensitive children, this may not be a good fit for them. I read it aloud while my younger kids were engaged in another activity, and just had my husband and older kids listen. They were all amazed at Mimosa’s faith.

This book does not always flow perfectly, and you may need to read it a bit more slowly than other books, so you can keep all the flashbacks straight. The vast majority of the book follows Mimosa, but there are a few chapters that take you back to the mission school. In these, you learn more about Mimosa’s older sister and the work of the mission.

The faith that Mimosa has is inspiring. If you are looking for a book that can encourage, I recommend this one.

-Product review by Lisa Tanner, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, September 2020