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Music Class Pass Membership Unlimited Review by Melissa Bontadelli

Jammin With You

Jammin With You is an online site that provides virtual music lessons. There are a variety of options within their site that allow for movement with music, sing-a-longs, and instrument lessons. The lessons can stream on any internet-connected device. There are a few different packages available. They offer an All Access Family Pass for $29 per month. There is also an offering for schools as well as the ability to buy individual classes for nine dollars. Jammin With You also provides private and semi-private music lessons for a variety of instruments.

We used this access as a supplement to our music education. Each session is 30 minutes in length and can easily slide into any part of the day where you need to add a little movement or music. This program would work for any schooling situation, as the students can do the classes at any time, and the classes are short. We also used the All Access Family Pass to start piano with my youngest student. We were undecided if he had enough interest in piano or if he would have the attention span to start lessons yet. The 30-minute lessons with practice sheets were the perfect introduction to the piano for him. The teaching is also engaging and gets the student excited about learning an instrument.

Jammin With You worked well in our homeschool environment. The prerecorded lessons were perfect for us as we like to do things when it fits instead of fitting around a scheduled activity. They do have live lessons, but unfortunately, the summer sessions were all early in the day. Our time zone created an obstacle to participation in those sessions. They have recently started their school year schedule and now there are some realistic time slots for us to join in the fun. The instructors were very entertaining and animated. They held the attention of both of my students every time.

This program is geared toward younger students. It is most appropriate for preschool and young elementary although an older student could enjoy it as well. If you had a broad range of ages, this might not work as well. As I mentioned, the timing of the live sessions did not work well with our time zone. I also could not find a way to filter just the piano lessons and so each time we wanted to do piano, I had to scroll and dig a bit to find a lesson. The sheet music for the piano was not added the same way consistently, so sometimes it was easy to find and print, and sometimes it was not.

I would recommend using Jammin With You. If you have young students, this is a blast. The site is fairly user friendly and within a couple of clicks, I could get some sort of lesson up for us to sing and move along with. This is an excellent way to add a bit of music and color to the homeschool day.

Product review by Melissa Bontadelli, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, September 2020