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Bible Sticks, An Unlikely Calling Review by Jenny Underwood

Ron Vance
Bible Sticks

I received the book Bible Sticks, An Unlikely Calling to review this summer. This is a nice paperback book with full-color photos. It is fifty-eight pages long.

This book details a man's journey from a hobby to a ministry with something he calls his Bible Sticks. 

What is a Bible Stick? It is a walking stick carved to represent a story from the Bible. What started as a fun hobby has become a storytelling ministry for Ron Vance. He now goes all over and gives his messages in the Bible Sticks.

The book is interesting because he has taken each Bible Stick he has carved and given detailed descriptions of it. He also gives the scriptures that correspond with each part of the carving. Ron tells his mistakes, failures, and triumphs in each stick.

His Bible Sticks are the "Twelve Apostles", "Creation", "Ten Commandments", "The Armor of God", "Fruit of the Spirit", "Twelve Sons of Israel", "The Ten Plagues of Egypt", "Seven Churches if Asia", "The Numerous Teachings of Jesus", "Christmas Stick", "Final Week of Christ", "Judges of Israel", "The Titles of Christ", "The Trinity Stick", and "The Twelve Stones of Israel".  He also carved two chains with one representative of the Old Testament and the other the New Testament.

He carves all his sticks with an X-ACTO knife and is constantly improving his craft. He recently traveled to a woodcarver’s museum and is now carving folding crosses.

Here are a few things I got from this book:

First, God can use any talent or skill you have when you give it to Him! Secondly, God can bless whatever talent or skill we use for His glory! Thirdly, you can learn new things, no matter what age you are. And finally, sometimes God will stretch our abilities when He puts an idea in our minds.

This would be a fantastic book to give someone as an inspirational gift, especially if they are unsure how God can use their talents. It would also be a great gift to give an unsaved person interested in woodcarving because it is SO full of God's Word! The book could also be used to inspire young people to make their own unique Bible telling sticks whether they be carvings, paintings, or some other art medium. I recommend you check this book out and see how Ron makes the Bible stories come to life!

-Product review by Jenny Underwood, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, September 2020