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Though Lions Roar Review by Lori Hooten

Helen Roseveare
CLC Publications
PO Box 1449
Fort Washington, PA 19034

A book brings one along for the adventure, for the learning, for the experience. A book about a missionary brings one along on these same journeys for a much bigger purpose: for the kingdom of God. Helen Roseveare: Though Lions Roar brings the reader deep into the life, the challenges, and the danger that Dr. Roseveare experienced while serving in the Belgian Congo during their revolution. Her story is brought to life through the writing of Mary Beth Lagerborg and publication by CLC Publications.

Though Lions Roar is a small paperback book of just over 100 pages. It includes a map, a table of contents, the biography, and a bibliography if more information is desired. Helen's story begins when she is about 12 years old, getting into mischief at her school. This charismatic personality would go on to serve her well throughout her life. Through her schooling and on into medical school, she struggled to learn more about the scriptures and to share them.

After graduation from medical school and training through a missionary program, she went to serve in the Belgian Congo. She spent several years there, learning the ways of the people, serving them, and tending to their needs while sharing God's love with them. She knew and understood God's plan for her life and service and worked hard to set up a mission hospital and schools. When Belgium gave the Congo its independence, things became dangerous and difficult. Through it all, Helen continued to strive to serve where God placed her.

Eventually, Helen had to leave. The danger had grown, and she had endured much. She returned to England in 1965. After the danger had passed, she returned to what was now known as Zaire (formerly Belgian Congo) and worked hard, even able to get a government-sanctioned nursing school started. She worked in Zaire until the mid-1970s. She returned to England and traveled for the mission board, sharing her story, and encouraging others. She lived a full, rich life that served God mightily.

The story of Dr. Helen Roseveare is one of great encouragement and strength. While some parts of the timeline are a bit hazy in this writing, it is clear that Dr. Roseveare served God throughout her life and encouraged others to do the same. The story is interesting and will encourage the reader. Though Lions Roar by Mary Beth Lagerborg through CLC Publications is a good middle-grade missionary biography.

-Product review by Lori Hooten, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, August 2020