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Ancient Bundle for Middles Review by Amanda Hopkins

Rob and Julia Nalle
1872 Shiloh Church Rd
Palmyra, VA 22963

After trying many things over my homeschooling years. The one thing that I like is being able to do some subjects together with more than one child at the same time. BiblioPlan allows us to do that with their Ancient Bundle for Middles. The Ancient Bundle for Middles comes with the Ancient Family Guide, Remember the Days: Ancient Days, Hands-on Maps Middles, Ancient Timeline, Ancient Craft book, and Ancient Cool History Middles, everything you need to get started and going right away.

The Ancient Bundle for Middles is a full Bible and History curriculum for grades 3-7. With everything in the bundle, you could easily just go with it and have a great learning experience, but they do have other add-ons if you wanted to add extra to it. The books we received were physical books and everything, besides the craft supplies are ready for you to open and use.

The lessons are listed by chapter. One chapter will last for the whole week. There are 34 chapters in the curriculum, so this would equal 34 weeks of lessons. We also have units; each unit has about 6 chapters. At the beginning of each unit in the family guide, you will find a book list for the unit broken down by age level and memory work options.

The cost of the physical bundle is about $172. This does include the physical books of the Ancient Family Guide, Remember the Days: Ancient Days, Hands-on Maps Middles, Ancient Timeline, Ancient Craft book, and Ancient Cool History Middles.

Within each week, you can open the Ancient Family Guide and see what each week has in store for you. This is an open and go curriculum. You do not have to pre-plan or pull out a bunch of stuff. The only thing you would have to plan for would be the crafts that you want to do.

There are a few consumable items within the bundle, the thing I loved was when I was reading the copyright policy, BiblioPlan allows for copying within your immediate family. With a 3rd and 6th grader, I was able to make a copy of the questions, timelines, and maps for both to work on and complete their bible and history course.

We were able to sit down as a family and do the lessons. You only need to do 3 days a week to complete the chapter. However, you could also break the days down and make it 4 or 5 days a week if you wanted to. You could also add in other spines for history if you wanted, the family guide gives you options on how to include them with the BiblioPlan lessons.

I read aloud the daily reading from Remember the Days as my children listened for answers to the questions for each chapter. I did have my younger daughter listening in with us, and we bought the coloring book so she could color while listening to the lessons. Our weeks would end with working on the timelines for the chapter, the maps, and the crafts from the craft book.

With the craft book, each craft is listed by the week. You can find the page of the craft in the Family Guide or at the back of the craft book. They are not listed in the exact order of the lessons, by topic, so you do not want to miss the possibility of a craft for your children!

We fell in love with BiblioPlan with this review. We have tried different history plans, but this one is the one we love. The readings are fun and easy to read aloud. There are numerous color pictures to go with the reading. -This helps to break things up. The questions to go with each chapter were very age-appropriate and easy to find. The process of writing the answers helped to make the key facts stick with the children.

The timeline and maps helped to show us what we were learning and how it fits in with the rest of history. Seeing is a huge thing with my children. You can name dates all you want, but to see where it falls on a timeline hits a different note. And this is not a huge timeline that takes up space in your house. This timeline is in a book, so it easily slides away until the next time you need it.

And the favorite part for the children, the craft book. They love doing crafts. I am not a crafty person. This book gives me just the right amount of options to choose from and find a fit to do each week. There is a choice for every family in this book.

The children and I love this curriculum. It is easy to use, full of detail, and full of fun. We are learning together and that makes it easy on mom! Teaching all the children at the same time is a mom’s dream and BiblioPlan allows that to happen!

If you are looking for a bible and history curriculum that is easy to teach to multiple children at the same time while having fun and being creative, you will want to check out BiblioPlan and their Ancient Bundle for Middles.

-Product review by Amanda Hopkins, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, August 2020