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My First Railway Battery Operated Train SetBuilder Creative Set Review by Cassie Deputie

Ravensburger North America
915 East Pine Street,
Suite 400
Seattle, WA 98122

There is something so warming about wooden children’s toys. It is the nostalgia of a simpler way of living when days consisted of endless hours of play and imagination. My son received his first wooden train set called, My First Railway Battery Operated Train Set, from Brio, for his fourth birthday. The package came in the mail and it was unexpectedly large, colorful, and exciting, and that warming nostalgia entered our home! My son, really all seven of my children, could not wait to dive into the box and assemble the contents.

My four-year-old had a tough time setting up the tracks, so my nine-year-old and seven-year-old were eager to help him. They tore open the box and hurried to set up the tracks following the simple instruction guide that was included. However, we had a terrible time trying to get the miniature wooden train to turn on and off. We poured over the instructions repeatedly as well as looked up some help online. It took us almost a full week to figure out that the triangular button on the top of the train is not actually a button, but you need to press the entire top of the train down firmly while bracing it on a hard surface to click the train on and off. This was not something my younger children could do on their own. Because of this, my son would often just throw the train into a bin while it was still running resulting in the batteries running low.

Apart from the mystery of the train’s functionality, Brio’s My First Railway Battery Operated Train Set was a big hit in our home. The children would set it up and let the train run on its track while they played with cars on their car mat. The cars would zoom under the train tack or lay in its path to perform an epic train wreck in their imaginary worlds. We often left this toy set up in the corner of the room so the littles could place the train on its course allowing it to run as they played.

My nephew, the same age as my four-year-old son, came over and thoroughly enjoyed watching the battery-operated train run its course for hours. His interest brought new life to this toy for my children, and it became a highlight again after a week of disinterest.

Brio offers many add-ons including different tracks and countless train cars that can be purchased making My First Railway Battery Operated Train Set just the beginning of a lifelong love for wooden train sets. Some of their add-ons include Mickey and friends, tractors, airplanes, steamboats, metro buses, mining cars, and more! Other tracks include Forest Train Set, Cargo Harbor Set, Firefighter Set, Countryside Horse Set, Animal Farm Set and so many more. The combinations and diversity of imaginary settings guarantee endless hours of creative and constructive play.

These timeless toys with a modern twist are compatible with any home, nationality, and age group. Their open-ended, imaginary ability is unique and innovative. I love that future holidays or birthdays can include add-on train sets making even a child’s My First Railway Battery Operated Train Set interesting for years to come!

-Product review by Cassie Deputie, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, August 2020