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Builder Creative Set Review by Destiny Mawson

Ravensburger North America
915 East Pine Street,
Suite 400
Seattle, WA 98122

The Builder Creative Set from Brio is the perfect toy to inspire creativity and imagination in children ages three and up. The Builder Creative Set, priced at $89.99, has 271 pieces of both plastic and FSC-certified wood. Tools such as a hammer, wrench, screwdriver, and pliers for removing the pivots are also included. Also, it comes with an inspiration leaflet containing suggested build ideas, and the parts one would need to complete them.

The moment the box arrived in our home our whole family gathered around eager to build. Even though the leaflet did not come with step-by-step instructions for the creations, my children were easily able to look at the picture, gather the recommended parts, and create the build. Soon they were showing off the camera, dog, grabber, and other designs.

The suggested designs were a great starting point to introduce my children to the different pieces and how they could be used. There is a good variety of pieces to work with and they are just the right size for little hands. My children loved using all the tools and working with the nuts, bolts, and pivot pieces. It did not take long for them to use their imaginations and creativity to produce their own designs. Some favorites included a fishing pole and different robot designs.

Aside from inspiring the use of a child’s imagination and ingenuity, the Builder Creative Set is a wonderful way to improve hand-eye coordination. As children focus on using the screwdriver, removing pivots, or connecting other pieces they are practicing fine motor skills.

Problem-solving skills are also honed as children figure out the best way to connect pieces to achieve their desired design.

The pieces of the Builder Creative Set are all excellent quality. Even after extended play by multiple children, none of them have broken. The wood has not splintered and none of the plastic pieces have become stressed.

Two children can comfortably play with the set at the same time. With more children, I recommend getting another set, so there are enough main pieces to build with. Although much smaller builds could be achieved, the set only includes one wooden square with holes on all sides, making it the most versatile and therefore, sought after piece.

My children, ages three to twelve, all enjoyed creating with the Builder Creative Set. I recommend this STEM toy. It has provided hours of fun and meaningful play in our home.

-Product review by Destiny Mawson, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, August 2020