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T-Shirt, Tote Bag, Mug Review by Ashley Koulak

Homeschool Style Company

Personalized shirts and bags, even mugs and water bottles are all the rage right now. But I rarely see anything homeschool related available. I was so excited when I was asked to pick out a few items from Homeschool Style Company. I was so amazed that something for us homeschool families even existed! I immediately started browsing through all the homeschool ‘swag’ on their site, and there is a ton! There was an item for every type of homeschooler out there- which was impressive. Unschoolers, Charlotte Mason, Classical Education folk-everyone! As well as every kind of style you can imagine. There is even a collection for homeschool grandparents. Homeschool Style Co. has thought of everything!

I read the ‘About’ section on their website and quickly learned that the team behind the company are unlikely homeschoolers themselves. Sara and her husband Josh created Homeschool Style Company out of a love for homeschooling and comfortable but easy clothes and accessories. They create graphics and fun designs specifically for homeschoolers and put them on a bunch of different items. So, no matter what your style is-you can express your truth however you would like. 

I ended up choosing a basic forest green t-shirt with some nature-inspired designs on it that reads “Not all classrooms have four walls.” I was so excited to find something that spoke to our homeschool journey! We are very into nature study and being outside here. To find something that spoke to that part of my heart is so fun! The t-shirt fabric is wonderfully comfortable, soft, and has a bit of stretch to it. When I received my shirt, my husband asked why I did not order him a shirt! No worries! Homeschool Style Company has homeschool dads covered. There is a wide selection of shirts for all the special homeschooling men in your life. 

I was impressed with the overall quality of my shirt. I have had friends make shirts in the past with vinyl machines, and none have held up as well. Usually, after a few washes, there is some cracking in the vinyl or even chunks coming off. I am glad to say my Homeschool Style Company shirt has survived wash after wash, and still looks as beautiful as the day I got it! The printing on the shirt is not made of a vinyl stick on, thankfully. I feel like the shirt may have shrunk a tiny bit after that first wash and dry, but it also stretches nicely- so I am not too concerned. Thankfully, there is an array of styles and fabric blends to choose from, so you can find what will work best for you and keep you comfortable!

I also ordered a tote. These totes are worthy of any homeschooler! Extremely generous in size, 18” x 18”! I can fit an entire library trip with my four children in it! The seams on my tote have already taken on some hefty jobs- and are intact with no signs of wear or tear. I am thoroughly impressed! We got through totes very quickly here- I look forward to using my big tote for a long time. I chose a white tote with black straps. The tote has “Nature walk vibes” in a beautiful font on it, surrounded by deep green flowers. It is perfect for our family. I was worried about a white bag- especially after I caught one of my children dragging the bag through a muddy puddle at the pool. No worries, it washed out and looked and new! The quality is far superior to any of our other totes, it is obvious these were picked with a homeschooler in mind and the tasks we had for it.

Lastly, my mug. It has a beautiful globe with floral designs that reads “Raising world changers” and it could not be more accurate. It is a standard white ceramic 15-ounce mug that is just the right size for my morning cup of coffee- or two! With a gentle reminder on it of why we do what we do here- because I am raising world changers! The mug has been through my microwave too many times to count, as well as my dishwasher on the top rack and the design on it is still perfectly intact. 

I would encourage any homeschool parent who feels like they need a little treat to check out Homeschool Style Company’s website. I am confident that you are sure to find something that speaks to you, whether it be a shirt, necklace, or a simple coffee mug. They have a mailing list you can join that will keep you updated on any sales they have, and their customer service is great! My mug initially got lost in the mail, and Sara was quick to respond to emails, figure out what happened, and have a replacement sent! There is dedication and love behind what she does!

Plus, you are supporting a small business by homeschoolers. I am so happy I heard about Homeschool Style Company and cannot wait to place another order.

-Product review by Ashley Koulak, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, August 2020