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American and World Literature for Christian Homeschoolers Review by Cristina Grau

Scott Clifton
Home School Partners

If you could look at our library receipts, it would be undeniable that we love literature. From fiction to biographies, and everything in between, reading good literature is a key component of our children's education and everyday family life. Like most parents, I often wonder if there are areas of literature we have not covered. American and World Literature for Christian Homeschoolers by author Scott Clifton is helping us remove that stress and ensure we are broadening our horizons.

American and World Literature for Christian Homeschoolers are two separate, complete sets of curricula guiding your high school students through classic, clean reads which include poetry, essays, letters, speeches, short stories, and more. Both sets are four-day-a-week, thirty-week reading plans created for the Christian homeschooling family. Both sets include lovely reads, a thirty-week reading schedule, review questions, and free downloadable tests and answer keys; all from a Christian worldview.

American Literature for Christian Homeschoolers is a five-volume, paperback set which may be purchased individually for $14.97 for Volumes I: Stories, Essays, and Speeches, II: Short Stories, and V: The Magnificent Ambersons; $8.97 for Volume III: In A Hollow of the Hills; and $10.97 for Volume IV: Up From Slavery.

World Literature for Christian Homeschoolers is a six-volume, paperback set which is offered for $18.97 for Volume I: Ancient Writings; $13.97 for Volume II: Stories, Essays, and Speeches of the World; $9.95 for Volume III: Let Me Die in Ireland; $14.97 for Volume IV: A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court; $16.97 for Volume V: A Tale of Two Cities; and $5.80 for Volume VI: Animal Farm. Families might note that, unfortunately, Mr. Clifton was unable to get the publishing rights for either Let Me Die in Ireland or Animal Farm to include in this published set, but when navigating from the resource's website, the preferred edition is listed and linked for purchase. Review questions for these two volumes may be found by accessing the free answer keys located online using the link provided at the beginning of each volume.

Working through either American or World Literature for Christian Homeschoolers, students and teachers will notice a black-and-white, thirty-week schedule conveniently placed among the opening pages of each volume. For the reader's convenience, a full-color edition of the thirty-week schedule for either set may also be found online. Families might find these helpful as volume titles of each set are color-coded, making for easier identification. Following the suggested reading schedule, a four-day-a-week routine will guide readers through various passages included amongst the topical volumes and all quizzes. (e.g. Week One: Students read a selection from Volume I on Day One, a selection from Volume II on Day Two, a selection from Volume I on Day Three, and once again a selection from Volume II on Day Four. During Week Three, students will find themselves directed to take Quiz One.) Neither American nor World Literature for Christian Homeschoolers is intended for the student to work through each volume in its entirety before moving on to the next volume; each set is intended to be used cooperatively, as the selections are scheduled, generally speaking, chronologically. Each day's reading selection includes a brief set of review questions; answers to which may be found by downloading the free guides via the resource's website. Following the provided schedule, readers will be guided through the thirty-week curriculum with ease.

Using both American and World Literature for Christian Homeschoolers was a straightforward and enjoyable experience. The resource is thorough and engaging. We found the review questions to be thought-provoking; the reading selections themselves varied and pleasing. Educators will appreciate that both American and World Literature for Christian Homeschoolers include everything needed to complete a learning year's survey of literature, and that answer keys are available at no additional cost. Students will enjoy an adventure in reading, exploring several humorous selections amongst genuinely great classic literature, while gaining a deeper understanding of a Biblical worldview. I would have liked to see a "boxed set" of American or World Literature for Christian Homeschoolers available for purchase, as opposed to buy each volume separately, but this is a minor inconvenience.

While our library receipts do, indeed, reflect our love of literature, I am glad we had the opportunity to explore American and World Literature for Christian Homeschoolers. Using these resources, we have been able to explore selections we previously were unaware existed and appreciate the conversational opportunities which review questions offered our family.

- Product review by Cristina Grau, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, July 2020