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The Masters Way Guidebook and Online Course Review by Jennifer King

Mark Rose
Two Masters Stewardship Ministry

Finances. Stewardship. These are both topics that are so particularly important for us to learn and yet it seems there is so little solid Biblical teaching in this area. The Masters Way will help you to better understand the Great Commission as it relates to how we are to manage our money and our possessions for the Kingdom of God. There are four levels of achievement within Kingdom Seeker, Kingdom Learner, Kingdom Steward, and Kingdom Champion. There are also downloadable budget sheets, planning notes, and the seven-step The Masters Way Ladder for referencing essential scripture. With twenty-one lessons in all this covers everything we need to know about the way we ought to live and manage all that God has given us. 

Immediately, we are reminded of the great price that Christ paid, He paid it all, for us and the responsibility every one of us has to be a good steward all that He has given us. Just as He held nothing back from us, so too, we are to hold nothing back from Him. Every gift that has been given us, we are to use well so that one day we will hear the words, “Well done, good and faithful servant, enter into the joy of your Master!” With this, we can learn and begin to use our finances to help with communication, trust, and personal commitment. 

Paul tells us, “Now it is required in stewards that one must prove faithful.” This course seeks to help us examine how we are using the finances that God has blessed us with. As we complete each lesson in this course we learn from Him how to manage our money, getting a budget in place so that we can get a handle on our debt, and have a system of control, introducing the Envelope System. This is designed to help us end those unhealthy habits and begin creating new, good ones. 

Each lesson begins with a short video and encouragement to pray, worship, and speak to God about your need for His help and provision in your life. We are reminded of the power of gratitude as we are encouraged to thank God for all He has provided and will in the future. Here is where we are reminded to expect wonderful things from God in our lives and finances. Throughout the course, we are encouraged to cultivate seven main habits seen throughout the scriptures, as examples of those who are faithful stewards. There is also a short quiz at the end of each lesson, just to make sure we are retaining what is being taught. You can see any incorrect answers you get; you can even take the quiz again if you like. 

It is said that how one deals with money is an outward expression of their heart condition. This is repeated throughout the lessons; we need to not only learn how to manage our money but also how to use it in ways that give God glory. There are many testimonies of how God has miraculously supported those who are living by faith. When it comes to our finances our goal should always be to be faithful as a steward of what we have been given. This is about spending and saving, blessing, and balancing. It all belongs to God so let us be sure not to hold tightly to any of this stuff. 

Many wonderful tools are provided within this course. The lessons are very reasonable in length, so no matter how little time you have, you have time for this course. This does not just tell you what to do but it helps to reframe how you see every aspect of financial literacy. By the time you complete this course, you will know the wisdom of God regarding knowing your flocks, stewarding well, and being faithful. You will also be on a path to being completely debt-free. I know since we have been working through this course we are on our way! 

-Product review by Jennifer King, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, July 2020