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[Un]Intentional: How Screens Secretly Shape Your Desires, and How You Can Break Free Review by Renita Bentz

Doug Smith
D&L Smith Solutions

[Un]Intentional: How Screens Secretly Shape Your Desires, and How You Can Break Free by Doug Smith is a much-needed look at our screen saturated society and what Christians can do to combat it. The twelve chapters expose the role screens and media have in influencing thinking and behavior, and five practices to take to live intentionally.

This is a great read for everyone. Divided into three sections, Doug Smith encourages everyone to “awaken, examine, and overcome” the power that screens have over thoughts and decisions. The book begins with exposing the intentions of today’s technology giants and the tools they use to influence and manipulate our thoughts and actions. He invites each reader to take a closer look at personal behaviors and motivations and offers several biblical practices that can help overcome the power of media and live free from addictions and control. 

The statistics are alarming, US adults are spending over 12 hours a day consuming media. This book provides an essential wake-up call for parents and families. But, it’s not just a “doom and gloom” read about the dangers encountered in our screen-filled society, it’s a grace-filled invitation to be brave and make intentional choices to live purposefully in freedom.

Written in an easy and engaging style that incorporates Scripture throughout, this book not only shines a spotlight on the issues modern families are facing but offers practical solutions as well. The five practices: yield, change, transform, discipline, and motivate are based on biblical principles that anyone can implement into their daily life to live more intentionally.

I highly recommend this book to everyone that wants to be intentional in recognizing and overcoming the powerful influences screens play in our lives and the lives of our children.

 -Product review by Renita Bentz, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, June 2020.