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Sir Kaye, the Boy Knight Series Review by Jenny Underwood

Don M. Winn
Cardboard Box Adventures Publishing

We received a set of four books from the Sir Kaye, the Boy Knight series. These are paperback, chapter books perfect for the young reader in your life. I personally really enjoyed them myself too! They are book one, The Knighting of Sir Kaye, book two The Lost Castle Treasure, book three, Legend of the Forest Beast, book Four, The Eldridge Conspiracy. Each book is approximately 160 pages long.

These books follow the adventures of two young boys back in medieval times. One boy, Kaye is the son of a most famous knight. The other boy, Reggie, who tells the story, is the son of a wool merchant. Through an unusual series of events, these two boys become fast friends.

They show bravery in the face of danger and unexpectedly Kaye is made into a knight as a boy, which is unheard of! The two boys are invited to spend an extended stay at the castle with the queen who needs honorable knights and friends. These four books allow the reader to travel with these boys back in time to a faraway land. Will the land be saved, or will it be squandered away because of the apathy of the adult knights?

Can two boys make such a difference? My children and I enjoyed these books and they are a perfect addition to your library, especially if you have boys who love knights, which I do! The books have humor, suspense and they teach great character traits and morals. There was nothing objectionable in them, which is a huge plus for me since sometimes chapter book series geared for boys can be crude. They are wonderful to help children understand that even young people can make a dramatic difference and change the outcome of even a nation!

Each title is an excellent quality, medium-length book and is geared for children ages eight to twelve. The books are not full of pictures but do have map drawings in the front and some scattered illustrations throughout. They would be a perfect complement to a study of world history in your homeschool or just as a terrific way to encourage a reluctant reader. We learned lots of terms and words that are not commonly used now.

We also received the Sir Kaye, the Boy Knight series Study Guide. This is a fantastic resource addition to these books. It has lesson plans for each book with a short recap of each book. Then it has a reading comprehension game, introduction to the main plot, vocabulary words, and more! It is also paperback and forty-five pages long. There are illustrations throughout that explain certain concepts, such as heraldry. This book is a definite bonus and would help immensely with using this in a homeschool setting!

These are all an excellent choice for the young reader in your life! 

-Product review by Jenny Underwood, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, June 2020