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Homeschool Follies, Volumes 1 and 2 Review by Jenny Underwood

Scott Clifton
Home School Partners

I received “Homeschool Follies Volumes 1 and 2” for review this Spring. If laughter is good medicine like the Bible proclaims then I added a few years to my life by reading these books! They are both nice quality paperback books which tell the humorous side of homeschooling.

The first book in this series has a myriad of topics for your reading pleasure. It starts with a hilarious account of homeschooling history. Everything is very tongue-in-cheek and extremely sarcastic. The author Scott Clifton effectively brings out the funny things that can and do happen in a family that homeschools. Do not take him too seriously and if you are easily offended please do not read these books. Scott makes fun of EVERYTHING including himself apart from the Lord Jesus, which I appreciated so much!

Scott has plenty of experience to draw from as he and his wife Julie have seven children who they have homeschooled from the beginning. He brings out the funny in some not so funny situations such as; people not supporting your decision to homeschool, random comments by people who have no reason to make them, and what to do about them.  After he makes you roll with laughter, he usually tries to put in an actual real-life helpful suggestion based on the Bible.

These are both easy to read books between ninety and one hundred pages each and I finished each one in about an hour each. So, these are perfect for when you must wait somewhere or need a quick, light reading material that uplifts you and brings peace to your soul!

The second book was once again full of satire and if possible was even funnier than the first. It once again covered a wide range of topics but a few of my favorites were home repair and camping. I have to say, Scott is in no way afraid of making fun of himself while drawing from experiences we have all been through to some extent!

I almost croaked laughing at the "Manners" chapters. Oh, my goodness those are so funny because I can completely relate to the embarrassing things your children can say to or about other people with no ill-intent meant.

I highly recommend these books for yourself or as a gift for a homeschooling friend or family member.

-Product review by Jenny Underwood, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, June 2020