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Chronicles of Dinosauria Review by Jenny Underwood

Dave Woetzel & Richard Dobbs
Genesis Park

I received the book "Chronicles of Dinosauria, Dinosaurs & Man from Creation to Cryptozoology" for review. This is a beautiful, hardback book by Dave Woetzel and illustrated by Richard Dobbs. It is full of photos, drawings, and full-color paintings. The book is eighty-seven pages long.

First, I want to say I love this book! It is perfect for children and adults alike because it is full of easy-to-understand information, but it is not excessively technical. I have read other dinosaur books that honestly confused me because they used so many highly technical words and extremely long descriptions. This book does not do that! This book can be easily used for homeschooling, church Sunday schools, or as a devotional type book. It combines Bible, history, and Science all together in one awesome package.

It has eight chapters covering: The Creation and the Dinosaurs, The Flood and the Dinosaurs, Fossil Evidence of Dinosaurs and Man, Artistic Evidence of Dinosaurs and Man, Cryptozoological Evidence of Dinosaurs and Man, Bible Evidence of Dinosaurs and Man and the Apologetics and Conclusion.

This is an incredibly thorough book that is also a remarkably interesting read. I sat down with it and it was hard to put it down. Dave Woetzel is a fantastic writer and he brings out so many things I had not read about before and gives solid evidence for it. He explained Carbon-14 dating in a way that I understood!

Another neat feature of this book is the little experiments he sprinkles throughout it such as making a fossil and trying to draw a dinosaur from memory. My favorite chapter was the Artistic Evidence one because it showed such awesome visual records from ancient times of dinosaurs and man co-existing.

I also loved the Bible chapter because he brought out so much evidence of dinosaur creatures mentioned in the Bible. There is a neat section on the fiery serpents with the children of Israel that quite frankly I had never contemplated.

This book would make a terrific addition to your Science class this year or just as a gorgeous coffee table book to read aloud to your children. It is bursting with interesting facts, graphics, and a love for the topic shines through the author's writing! I can easily tell that he desires to genuinely strengthen people's faith in God's Word through written history and artifact history. I recommend this book!

-Product review by Jenny Underwood, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, June 2020