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The Impending Storm Review by Renita Kuehner

Terry and Mallory Tripp
Tripp Books

Both of our daughters love to read science fiction. They are both young teenagers though, so finding appropriate material can be a challenge at times. I recently had the opportunity to read a new novel, The Impending Storm by Terry and Mallory Tripp. It has given me a breath of fresh air on science fiction for the girls.

The Impending Storm takes you to the land of Exinere. It is a land full of adventure and wild, magical creatures. There are elves, satyrs, dwarves, canes, ogres, and marmerites. There is tremendous wealth to be earned, but the harmony of the kingdom in question. The Might Guild is the security and works hard to keep the peace in Exinere.

William is a young guildsman who has a troubled past. When he was young, his family’s farm was destroyed. His family was killed. He was taken in by the Guild and was raised along with his new friend Adam (who was also an orphan). They grew in their love to serve in the Guild. William knew his father was a Guildsmen but did not realize the mystery of his position until one day he came upon his family farm. He made discoveries about his past.

While this is all occurring, cane and marmerite attacks were increasing. How will the Guildsmen keep the kingdom safe? Especially near Johnstown, the most populous and prominent city. The violent attacks keep increasing. Young William and Adam fight off an ogre attack on one side of the city and surprise their fellow guildsmen in their brave acts. I think it even surprised them.

William starts an adventure of his lifetime. He needs to find out the person or persons that are behind the attacks on the city and the people of Campestri. Will they be able to find out before it is too late?

As I was reading this tale, there is a certain amount of violence that you would see with any type of battles. The graphic detail though was not great, so definitely appropriate for a young adult audience.

There are over 300 pages in the story. The book is quite sturdy and well made. It traveled well with me inside my purse while I was pre-reading for the girls. Now Lydia has started the story. She says it is hard to put down and cannot wait to see what happens with William and Adam.

Who knew that a high school creative writing project would turn into a page-turning, edge of your seat story! I cannot wait to see what other stories are written by this duo.

-Product review by Renita Kuehner, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, May 2020