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Plus to Times Review by Renita Kuehner

Using Addition to Learn Multiplication
Mary Jo Stewart
SuperFlash Math, LLC

It can be a struggle for students to memorize basic math facts, such as the multiplication times table. These facts though are especially important and lay the foundation for future math levels and even basic math needed for getting by in life as an adult. The Plus to Times Workbook was created to help students gain memorize their basic multiplication facts in a non-overwhelming way that builds confidence.

The Plus to Times Workbook introduces multiplication by showing its relationship to addition. There are eleven chapters covering facts 2 through 12. Zero and one do not have chapters since the facts of these numbers are caught on very quickly by students.

Each fact is presented in four ways. The addition of the multiplication problem is shown so students can see the correlation of eight plus eight as being the same as two times eight. Visuals using counting dots are also included on the pages. Something unique to the Plus to Times Workbook, it includes a plastic sleeve page cover that can be and used along with any dry erase marker. You simply slide it over each work page, using the dry erase marker, your student answers the questions. You can help them check their problems and wipe off the page so that they can continue practicing the facts to mastery.

The Plus to Times Workbook also includes division facts along with learning multiplication. Students really can see the evolution of a problem in addition, multiplication, and learn the fact families for the same problems in division. This makes the learning circle complete for these basic math facts.

Facts are taught through twelve. With a lot of practice for each problem, including flashcards for extra practice. With the transparent plastic overlay, you can use Plus to Times Workbook indefinitely with your student(s).

I have liked using Plus to Times Workbook with both the girls. I had discovered that somehow Lydia had not memorized her multiplication table the way I thought she had. She had been doing math independently with an online program, and I discovered that she had been completely relying on a calculator and not doing the problems by hand. I know we all use calculators and have them handy on our cell phones all the time. But I also know that there are times it is easier to figure in my head, and she needs to know the steps and basics to get by as she gets older. Especially if she wants to own her own business. I started using the Plus to Times Workbook with her and she is starting to memorize those facts. She likes that she can do her work with a marker. I think she is even surprising herself with what she is remembering with the practice.

Caty is also having the same difficulties. So, she has been using Plus to Times Workbook also. The visual of seeing three plus three equals six and then showing two times three equals six, followed directly by four times three equals twelve, really reinforces that learning the facts in order makes multiplication simple to memorize. Students can see that the next problem jumps by three…when they are learning the 3s facts. The Plus to Times Workbook does an excellent jobofusing multiple learning styles to show how to get the answer. The answers just seem to click now for Caty.

I love the fact that I can use this with both girls. No extra copies needed! I do not need to buy two workbooks. They can both work, erase, and move on to the next page at their own pace. This makes the Plus to Times Workbook a great investment for larger families or even families with just two children.

Each page takes just a few minutes to practice, so students who have shorter attention spans are not held down for extended time periods working on problems. Each problem visually showsthe steps of how the problem moves from addition to multiplication. Even counting dots are shown to help the students fully understand how to solve each problem.

I am extremely glad to be introduced to Plus to Times from Superflash Math. This book has made practicing these necessary math facts easy and not overwhelming to the girls. I will be referring other families to this great math resource!

-Product review by Renita Kuehner, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, May 2020