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flow-wand DVD + bundle Review by Lori Hooten

Prisna von Stade
6315 Doyle Street, Emeryville, CA 94608

With children in dance, the flow-wand was an instant interest because of the elements of movement and dance involved. Developed by Prisna von Stade and sold through flowtoys, this is a wand that is used with flowing motion and an illusion of levitation. With beautiful movement and flow, focus, coordination, and grace come through learning the use of the flow-wand.

The flow-wand is a 26-inch wand made of a fiberglass core wrapped in holographic tape and shrink wrapped with a clear wrapping to prevent materials from coming undone. It also includes clear end caps to protect the ends from any bumps that may occur. The wand is ⅜ inch in diameter. The flow-wand DVD + bundle includes the flow-wand, the short string (already attached), a long string, and a DVD of instruction and helpful tips. 

It was an immediate hit. While dance classes had been interrupted for a few weeks, the flow-wand became an interesting and unique way to continue learning new moves and techniques. The flow-wand (also called a levitation wand) was easy to get started with. The technique, though, took a bit longer. 

After finding it sitting on the table, the girls were able to pick it up and figure out how to do simple circles and movement with it. Theyenjoyed seeing what they could make the flow-wand do and what movement they could achieve with it. With the nice weather, they would take it outside to have more room to move with it. They were quickly able to do quite a bit but knew there was much more to learn.

A few days of doing basic movement with the flow-wand brought an interest in further information. The DVD has a total of 120 minutes. It includes information on short string, long string, and double wand techniques, tips, and other practice helps. The girls watched the short string section, somewhere around 20-30 minutes, and took turns practicing. They watched this section several times, working to do better each time.

Every few days, the flow-wand was in use and the movement was a joy during long days. This is a unique tool for movement and working on smooth, flowing movement. It can be an interesting tool for a dancer, gymnast, and others who rely on movement in other disciplines. It is, however, a discipline in and of itself. It is a discipline that is beautiful and lovely, stretching emotion and understanding of movement. The flow-wand will continue to get much use.

-Product review by Lori Hooten, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, May 2020