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Fact Attack Review by Lisa Tanner

Multiplication and Division
Mary Jo Stewart
SuperFlash Math, LLC

Mastery of the multiplication and division facts can make an enormous difference in your child’s success in math. Once they can confidently multiply and divide the basic numbers without stopping to figure each problem out, they can move onto longer, more complicated math problems more easily. It is essential. If your child is having trouble memorizing the facts, Fact Attack Multiplication and Division from SuperFlash Math, LLC can help.

This $30.00 resource set includes a Fact Attack workbook, a clear overlay, and a dry erase marker. Your child can set the overlay over each page in the workbook and complete it with the dry erase marker. Then it can be erased and redone later. This was such a convenient way to get extra practice for more difficult problem sets.

In the workbook, you will find a Fact Attack page for each of the facts. So, there is a page for the 2X2 fact, all the way through 12X12. On each page, you will find several problems that your child can solve. These include addition, multiplication, division, and square roots (where appropriate).

Problems are written in a variety of formats (including vertical, horizontal, fraction format, standard division, and division with the division sign.) There are also arrays with blocks, to give students a visual.

I had my fourth-grader work through this book, to help her increase her speed and accuracy with the basic facts. She appreciated the variety on each page, though the square root and squared problems confused her. Since these were both topics in math we had not yet covered, I just gave her a basic explanation and had her skip those for now. I will reuse this resource again in the future when she has a better understanding of these concepts.

Some of the pages my daughter was able to work through very quickly. Others took more time. We decided together that if one took her more than seven minutes, she had to redo that page another time. This motivated her to do her best work quickly. It also helped me to see what facts she needed to practice further. However, this timed arrangement was not in the directions for the workbook, so it is certainly not required.

For a student who has the facts memorized, these pages can be completed very quickly. It isa straightforward way to get some practice in without requiring a considerable time commitment. The overlay was simple to insert a page into, without ripping it out of the book. It held up well to multiple uses, as long as we erased quickly after completing the page. The longer we let it sit, the more we had to scrub to get it off.

If you are looking for a simple way to help your child practice math facts, that can be reused repeatedly, I highly recommend this workbook from SuperFlash Math, LLC.

-Product review by Lisa Tanner, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, May 2020