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Scrigit Scraper Pack of 5 Review by Kelly Burgess

Scrigit Scraper

The Scrigit Scraper is a handy household tool made of Eastman Tritan™ Plastic with a myriad of practical uses. It comes in a pack of two or a pack of five. The pack of five is available at Amazon for just $11.99.

This clever little tool is about the size of a writing utensil and even includes a clip (like on a pen cap) so you can easily attach it for handy transport to a myriad of places. Each tool has two tips. One tip has a flattened side but a rounded edge, which is handy for getting into grooved spots like grout. The other tip is flatted on two sides with a straight edge, which is great for scraping on a flat surface.

I found so many great uses for this tool! I have ceramic tile countertops with deep grooved grout lines in between each tile. I found the rounded tip perfect for gouging into those deep channels to scrape out grime and dried foods after a day of baking. I also discovered that the flat tip was perfect for scraping buildup around the edges of the glass cooktop in my kitchen. Yuck! I had no idea there was so much gunk trapped at the edges until I ran that tool around the rim. Also, I found that the flat edge was great for scraping up the dark residue that forms on a glass cooktop… that residue that does not easily wipe off with cleaner and a soft cloth. It did not cause any scratches, either. And it was great for getting underneath the knobs, as well.

Our master bathroom has thick granite countertops on both bathroom sinks. The installers left some residual adhesive under the edge where it meets each sink which had dried there and was impossible to scrub off. I took the Scrigit Scraper and ran the flat edge along that rim, and the adhesive easily scraped off! It looked so much better with all that excess removed.

I found that the Scrigit Scraper is great for scraping adhesive stickers off all kinds of items so that no sticker adhesive remains. How many times have you removed a sticker and run a glass through the dishwasher, only to find that there is a sticky residue for what seems like forever? Now I no longer have that problem!

One night, my daughter stayed up late baking cupcakes and making frosting. When I got up the next morning, she had left the kitchen in shambles with blobs of dried batter and frosting all over the countertops. I dreaded cleaning it up since it had dried on like cement, but the Scrigit Scraper took it all off with ease. That was a relief!

In my kitchen, I used the Scrigit Scraper to clean the crevices where the countertops meet the walls, and I will do the same around my sunken bathtub. My husband’s walk-in shower has a track where the shower door slides across, and this tool is also perfect for fitting in the tracks. Its narrow size and unique tip shapes make it the perfect tool to fit into so many places.

I used my tool so much that I started to chip away at the edges of it. I read that you can restore the tips with fine sandpaper or a nail file, so that is good to know. But you will love having these tools all over the house or workshop. I keep one in the kitchen, one in the master bathroom, one in the garage, and one in my vehicle. It sure does save my nails from getting destroyed trying to scrape things off! I am pleasantly surprised at just how useful this tool can be. It is one of those things that you do not realize you need until you have one!

-Product review by Kelly Burgess, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, April 2020