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The Best Gift Ever! A Princess Forever and Guard Your Heart Review by Jenny Underwood

Cheryl Delamarter
Cheryl's Christian Books

I love good picture books for our children and the books from Cheryl Delamarter, A Princess Forever, Guard Your Heart, and The Best Gift Ever are all excellent selections of Scripture inspired picture books. We used all three of these books as part of our morning Bible time.

Each of the books is full of bright colored pictures that my younger children enjoyed. My six-year-old son's favorite wasThe Best Gift Ever. This book is all about teaching children the great truths of Scripture, mainly the Creation Story, Jesus as Savior of our souls, the power of His resurrection, and how to live a life that is surrendered to Him.  I love how this book is set up. Each double-page has a full-color page and then a simplified explanation of Scripture. Below that it has the Bible verses that relate to this. For example, the simple part of Disobedience says "God told Adam and Eve they could eat from any tree in the garden but one. They were tempted and chose to eat from the forbidden fruit, disobeying God."  Then below, it says, "God Commands, and the book gives the Scriptures for that; Genesis 2:16-17, Serpent Tempts Genesis 3:1-5, Adam and Eve Choose: Genesis 3:6."  Each page has this format. I will note the book uses a mix of Bible versions (KJV, NRSV, NIV ECT...)  This book is excellent quality paperback and forty pages long.

My three-year-old daughter's favorite book was A Princess Forever. This is a beautiful little book for girls. Each double-page has a lovely, tastefully clothed princess. It tells a Godly attribute such as Peace, Goodness, or Patience. Then it gives a delightful rhyming verse about it. Below that it gives the Scriptures that refer to this fruit of the Spirit. The book is decorated with colorful flowers, vines, and animals also. My daughter asked me to reread this book multiple times. It uses NIV for Scripture references. It is thirty pages in an excellent quality paperback binding.

The third book was Guard Your Heart, and this was my favorite! It is perfect for explaining to children in simplified terms about the effects of what they see, hear, and experience in life. Each page is brightly colored and full of pictures. It has prayers, life lessons such as what kind of friends will you choose, what music, books or movies will you view. Then it has scripture to show you how you should decide what to do and what effect it will have on you and your heart. It uses multiple versions of the Bible. This excellent quality paperback book and fifty pages long. We enjoyed all three of these books!

-Product review by Jenny Underwood, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, April 2020