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DOTZIE – Green Variety Review by Renita Kuehner

Needleart World
4748 Lewis Road, Stone Mountain, GA 30083

New forms of art are popping up all the time. We were able to review one of the latest art crazes, diamond facet “painting.” DOTZIE – Green Variety from Needleart World has been such great fun for the kids.

You may ask how you paint with “diamonds.” Diamond facet art is created by taking gems and dipping them in a wax-like substance and then placing them on another surface that has a glue layer that allows them to stick to the surface. This process allows the artists to easily pick up the gems and place them. These very tiny gems are much too small to be picked up and placed in an artistic pattern with your fingers. The DOTZIE – Green Variety kit has 2 DIAMOND DOTZ®stylus pens that make this process easy.

The gemstones are not realdiamonds, but they are a shiny looking gem. The Diamond Dotz from the DOTZIE – Green Variety kit had a shiny appearance that allowed light to reflect. This feature made the creations the girls were working on look very pretty and stand out. Not just a typical acrylic paint.

The DOTZIE – Green Variety kit contains all that a beginner would need to get started creating diamond facet art. There are 2 animal pictures, 2 wearable bracelets, and 2 fun stickers. Also included are 2 wax pieces, 2 DIAMOND DOTZ®stylus, 2 mini trays (for DOTZ storage while working on art), and of course the DIAMOND DOTZ® needed to complete the project (pre-sorted by color).

DOTZIE – Green Variety kit is perfect for a beginner diamond painting individual. The projects included in this are more kid-friendly, up to the ages of about 13-15. But also great for an adult who may be struggling with disabilities and needs a smaller sized project that is not overwhelming.

Lydia fits into the age group of 13-15. She had never tried diamond painting before receiving our DOTZIE – Green Variety kit in the mail. She was super excited to get started. Each project varied in time that it took her to complete. Depending on her attention span, she spent roughly 1 to 1 ½ hours on each project in the kit. I wondered how she would be able to deal with such tiny object retrieval and placement since she has hand tremors. The DIAMOND DOTZ®stylus has a good grip that helps her with such a fine motor skill. Lydia did not get frustrated at all while working on her DOTZIE art.

She has fallen in love with the DOTZIE – Green Variety kit. I asked her to share with her cousin while she was visiting, and I was told there were not enough projects for her to share. They were all her favorite to finish! We had to negotiate more diamond painting kits for her to share what she had.

DOTZIE – Green Variety kit would make a great gift for both kids and adults. It is a wonderful way to get started on this trendy new art form.

-Product review by Renita Kuehner, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, April 2020