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33 Bible Songs Kids Love to Sing! (songbook for ages 6-11) Review by Jenny Underwood

Discovering Piano Hymns, Treasured Christian Songs, LEVEL 1, Big Note
Colleen Clegg
Deeper Roots Publications
407 797 8557
13 W. Lakeshore Dr
Cherokee Village, AR, 72529

I have been wanting to implement music lessons in our homeschool so this year we got a piano! I was also blessed to review 33 Bible Songs Kids LOVE to Sing by Colleen Clegg. This is a sturdy, spiral-bound collection of lovely, simple songs that can be played by an inexperienced player on the piano or guitar.

I am not a piano player by any stretch, but I can read music, and I was able to easily play and sing these with my children. It gave me a chance to explain notes, rhythm and we practiced matching the pitch while I played.

The songs are GREAT! They are solid Biblically and tell a story or a doctrinal truth from the Bible. A few of the songs are: “Good News from God,”“God is My Father,”“Believe in Jesus Christ,” and “Go into the World.”

In the Table of Contents, there is a list of each song, its theme (such as Jesus' incarnation) andthe page number. The book also gives ideas for combining groups of songs into programs such as Christmas, Jesus' Passion, and Easter and Missions.

This book is specifically made to help you teach children ages 6-11 the truths of scripture. Each song is set up with a theme and progresses from God Our Creator through man's sin and fall and need for redemption. The songs focus on the birth, life, death, burial, resurrection and saving grace of Jesus Christ!

These are an excellent choice for other homeschoolers, churches, and Bible schools. I think these make such a wonderful choice because they are teaching multiple things at once. My children can learn to read music, play simple songs on the piano, and most importantly imprint God's Word on their hearts. Many people remember things so much easier when memory work is set to beautiful music or has a rhythm. This is the perfect way to do all of that at once!

These are available from along with several other Piano books and sheet music. The cost for this book is $12.95 which in my opinion is a fantastic bargain for something that can be used over and over.

The other book of Deeper Roots that I reviewed was Discovering Hymns at the Piano, Treasured Christian Songs for Beginning Piano, Level 1, also arranged by Colleen Clegg. This is a paperback book with ten beautiful songs arranged simply for new piano players.

This is the level that is advanced from Primer 1. The songs in this book include:  “Praise the Savior,” “Amazing Grace,” “My Jesus, I Love Thee,” “ All Hail the Power of Jesus’ Name,” “Redeemed,” “Peace Like a River,”“Jesus Saves,”“I Sing the Mighty Power of God,”“Hail the Day that Sees Him Rise,”“Alleluia! Sing to Jesus.”There is also a crossword puzzle at the end of the book that uses what the child learns in the songs to complete it.

Each song is not only Biblically sound and doctrinally correct, but it also has a Bible verse and a brief explanation of each hymn. This series of songs will again lead you through Christ’s work of redemption of mankind.

Colleen Clegg of Deeper Roots is a pianist and teaches piano. Her goal is to pass on a deep appreciation and love of great Christian hymns to the next generation. These are both a fantastic way for your new learner to grow in both knowledge and truth.

-Product review by Jenny Underwood, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, March 2020