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12 Puzzle Gift Set Review by Jodi Galland

Stas Casa
Can You Solve Me, LLC

While my family enjoys puzzles, this 12 Puzzle Gift Set is something quite different. Can You Solve Me? has created a wonderful boxed set of tangram puzzles for the whole family. Each of the twelve puzzles has between four and ten pieces in its box. The number increases with the level of difficulty of the solution. Each puzzle is in an individual box that displays the finished puzzle, the level of difficulty, and a silhouette of each included piece. There are three levels of puzzling difficulty: easy, intermediate, and advanced. The 12 Puzzle Gift Set has four puzzles of each level These boxes nest snugly within a sturdy yellow and black storage box.

The tangram pieces are solid plastic, with shapes measuring 1/4” thick. If your family is like mine, the pieces may become accidentally mixed. Each bright yellow piece is permanently marked by engraving to identify to which puzzle it belongs. These puzzles are so much fun to solve alone or with friends. Can You Solve Me? puzzles are unique brain ticklers that will test your logic and spatial reasoning skills. Pieces will need to be turned and flipped and shuffled around to find the only solution to create the image on the box. The finished puzzle looks exactly like the silhouette on the box. If it does not, try building it again.

Just a little over a year ago, I was introduced to these individual puzzles. We bought several for our children and friends. I, myself, am not very adept at solving these. My husband and one of the boys are particularly good at them. When I do complete a puzzle, I am one incredibly happy woman. Depending on your ability and personality, these tangram puzzles can be a stress reliever. . . or not! I have not resorted to the website yet, but should you become hopelessly stuck, the solutions to each puzzle are available online.

Due to the size of individual pieces, this product would not be suitable for small children. These puzzles are recommended for ages nine and up. Sell individually for $5 each or as a boxed set of twelve puzzles for $29.99, I highly recommend the boxed set for value and variety. There is a puzzle for every ability in the 12 Puzzle Gift Set.

-Product review by Jodi Galland, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, February 2020