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BeansTalk KnowHow Full Set Review by Patti Pierce

Steve Barlow
BeansTalk KnowHow Ltd

Beans Talk KnowHow provides information and guidance about the fundamentals of accounting in a way that is both interesting and informative.  Because our teenage daughter wants to create graphic novels and my husband and I plan on beginning a Home School Music business once he retires from the military, I was interested in this online program. The program is appropriate for people of all ages.  It addresses the concepts of understanding basic financial terms all the way from creating a profitable business to the final goal of selling that profitable business in order to gain financial security.

For this review, we received the BeansTalk KnowHow Bundle: The Full Set, which includes five modules including: 

  1. Module 1 - Fundamentals
  2. Module 2 - Bean Counting
  3. Module 3 - Getting Beans
  4. Module 4 - Bean Magic
  5. Module 5 - Golden Egg

The modules may be completed at your own pace. Each module includes videos to watch, written information to read, examples, practice exercises, and white papers.  The written information includes notes and other information necessary for completing the assignments. Quizzes are provided for each lesson that provides immediate feedback.

From the beginning of time, people have had to keep track of what they spend and what they earn or acquire.  This course addresses the difference between a bank’s viewpoint and a customer’s viewpoint in regard to debits and credits.   Teenagers on up can benefit from this course which not only explains the basics of financial accounting but also builds up to the idea of creating a profitable business that can be sold to provide a financially secure future.

From basic financial terms to the ability to interpret financial statements to insights about how businesses work on how to grow a profitable business to eventually selling a profitable business, this course covers it all.  Step by step the modules lead the learner through everything needed to understand basic financial principles such as debits and credits through illustrating the proper steps to double-entry bookkeeping and more this course covers it.  From there it moves on to teaching the fundamentals of profit and loss to depreciation and more. By teaching these fundamentals, it allows the learner to understand how profitable a business should be run daily. Regardless of what type of business someone wants to be involved in or understand this course applies to everything a person needs to know.

This course is perfect for families to complete together. Teenagers, those in the workforce, and those desiring to return to the workforce will benefit from this program. The course teaches how accounts are prepared, how to read numbers. Understanding financial statements, how businesses work, strategies for growing a business, exit strategies, and more will provide a way of helping you build a secure financial future.  The modules are progressive, so they need to be completed in order.

Even if all you are trying to do is understand basic financial principles for yourself, this program can be helpful. The way instant feedback is provided for the quizzes and you have the opportunity to retake the quizzes is extremely useful. Because the information is incremental, I feel it is best to go through each module in order.  While you have the option to buy modules individually, our family feels it is best to complete the program in order and to complete the entire program.  

I feel everyone can benefit from taking this course who wants to have a greater understanding of how business works. The videos, text, and quizzes work together to create a comprehensive course.  Truly, this online program created by a homeschooling father makes accounting and financial know-how accessible to everyone.

-Product Revie by Patti Pierce, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, January 2020