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War of the Realms Trilogy Review by Renee Knoblauch

Lee Watts, Th.D.
God and Country Ministry
P.O. Box 23114
Lexington, KY 40523

The War of the Realms Trilogy is a science-fiction story that takes you to many worlds both the physical and spiritual realm of an all-out epic battle of good and evil. The trilogy titles are Conquests & Consequences, Legions & Legacies, and Promises & Prophecies. The books are written from a Christian worldview. All the books have a hidden meaning with the characters, plot, and places that you could say foreshadow our faith, walk, and trials as believers.

The author Lee Watts, Th.D. is an ordained ministry and former combat veteran. He is the founder of God and Country Ministry.

All three books have a scripture verse at the beginning of each chapter. The scripture is relevant to the context of the chapter. All three books are slightly over four-hundred pages. The chapters go back and forth between characters and locations. Throughout each of the books, the story builds up to the climax and ties up the loose ends in each book. All the books weave an intricate and integral story.

The story is from a Christian Worldview. The books you could say reflect the Bible but in their own world. For example, the Elderites are believers in the one true god the Elder. The Elder resembles God and Elkanah Jesus or the Holy Spirit. The Guardians are immortals, messengers, prophets, and protectors of the keys. You could liken them to angels. The Drimdor are evil and are called fallen angels. They want to bring forth the end of the known galaxy by releasing the evil spirits to cleanse it from good.

The characters and plot have a lot of depth and all have unique personalities. There are lots of different stories that weave throughout the story. The author does a phenomenal job developing the characters in these books. There are many characters that play a huge role in this story.

War of the Realms Conquests & Consequences:

This is the first book in the trilogy. We are introduced to Alexander the Prince of the Realm, who is an Elderite. There is a falling away in the Realm worlds and much moral decay. The people want to worship many gods or have stopped believing in a god.

Alexander’s father is assassinated, and the Realm is conquered. The people are oppressed and eventually lose the right to worship the Elder. The worlds believe that Alexander is also dead. Those who are believers are imprisoned and subjected to the cruel Ramille and its allies.

Alexander finds himself stranded on a hostile jungle planet after escaping the spaceship during the attack on his father. On the planet, he meets some unlikely allies. Survival is tough on the planet. Alexander grows into a young man of character who learns to truly seek the Elder. He is trained by his Guardian bodyguard to weld the battle staff. Eventually, they are rescued from the planet and reunited with the remnant of surviving Elderites in an asteroid refuge. They quickly find themselves under attack after Alexander is announced as king of the Realm worlds even though he does not have his kingdom back.

Sosimo LaRouche is a pirate looking for the map to the secret Vault which will be a continuous storyline through all three books. The Vault has a powerful weapon within that could change the war.

There is a PDF reading guide for Conquests & Consequences. It has writing assignments and vocabulary work.

Legions & Legacies:

Book two continues from book one. Alexander and his people are back on their home planet. They find themselves fighting to keep the worlds they recaptured and trying to secure allies. The action heats up across the galaxy with several battles throughout this book.

Readerslearn more about the background story of the Guardians, Drimdor and about the Ramille Empire and how they ended up in the Cloud. The story takes readers back a thousand years into the past.

Sosimo LaRouche is still searching for the mysterious Vault, but some of his crewmen turned on him. Sosimo now has several members of hisold crew hunting him for revenge while he is searching for the Vault. Alexander uses Sosimo’s service to search for the Vault and its weapon to win the war. Sosimo is only interested in the treasure and not the weapon.

War of the Realms Promises and Prophecies:

The last book in the trilogy holds plenty of action and many plot twists. The Ramille Empire is getting stronger and taking more land. The Realm makes a coalition with many other factions in hopes to win the war. The Drimdor have all the keys to the portal but they do not have the portal.

Sosimo LaRouche finds the vault with the secret weapon inside. The Realm and the Ramille have many epic battles. The fight at the end of the book it decides the whole fate of the Galaxy

The books are better suited for older teens or young adults due to some of the situations within the story. Some readers or parents may not be comfortable with some of the contents in the story. It has battle violence from ships and one-on-one gun battles. The book does not share the gory details. There are some insinuations with how a man is looking at a woman and how she is dressed and a few situations along that line. I felt it was done in a very tasteful manner and that it did not cross the line. It is trying to show the evil and how they have fallen away and are living in sin. Each family will need to decide for themselves. 

My thirteen-year-old son read all three books in a month! I could not believe how fast he read the books. It took me much longer to read them. He enjoyed the books and found them fascinating. He is hoping that the author writes more science fiction books or combat books in the future. I agree with him; I would love to see more books from this author.

My son did the assignments in the reading guide for the first book and wrote most of this review. He shared with me often how the story mirrors some of the stories in the Bible. We had some great discussions about the books and the Bible.

My son found that on the Facebook page: there are several full colored drawings of the characters and places throughout all three books. It was a fun way to put a picture in your mind of the characters.

There is also a game based on the pirate Sosimo LaRouche. My son loves games and really wants this one to add to his slew of games. It is currently on his wish list for his birthday!

My son and I enjoyed the interesting and well-written War of the Realms Trilogy.

 Product review by Renee Knoblauch, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, December 2019