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"I Could Never Do That!" and Other Homeschooling Obstacles You Need to Get Over Review by Rodna Allman

Debbie Slaughter
A Million Skies

"I Could Never Do That!" and Other Homeschooling Obstacles You Need to Get Over is a book written by Debbie Slaughter that is meant to encourage both new and seasoned homeschool parents in their homeschooling journey. This 175-page softcover book is full of Debbie's blog posts and articles to help you gain a better understanding of what real homeschooling looks like and how to overcome the specific challenges that homeschooling brings.

Early in the book, Debbie talks about how having your child's heart is crucial to being successful. She talks about how important it is to respect your children and for your children to respect you, otherwise you will have a challenging time teaching a child who will not listen.

One piece of advice that I really took to heart was that we should not teach to our children's learning style. Debbie states that she used to teach this concept to other parents but realized that it might not be beneficial to our children's future. She asks us to think about the fact that when our kids grow up and are in the workplace, or even college, they will not be asked what their learning style is. They will be given textbooks or manuals and expected to learn the information. I do see the wisdom in this advice.

She gives such good advice in this book; practical advice that I can really use. She helps so much with what to do when you get discouraged or do not know what to do with all the things that encompass homeschooling, such as what curriculum to use, what type of schedule to keep, how not to compare yourself with other homeschool families, etc. One thing that really stuck out to me was how she came to learn that it would have been better to just stick with one curriculum instead of always changing them; that her kids would have been much happier to have had one that they knew they could just finish and be done with. They wanted to see a beginning and an end. I know I am guilty of changing curriculum often as well.

Debbie does a wonderful job of making you feel like you are not alone. You will be encouraged by reading this book. Even if you have been homeschooling for years you will find solid advice in this book. Honestly, this book has some of the most practical homeschooling advice that I have ever read, and I have read a lot of homeschool books. This is a book that I will continue to pick up and read. I think that all homeschooling parents can use encouragement along the way, and I think that this book is a wonderful source of encouragement.

Product review by Rodna Allman, The Old Schoolhouse®, LLC, October 2019